Saturday, April 6, 2013

Confession Time!

My future husband is not my first -- or only -- true love. THIS guy is:

Dreamy Nick Lachey
And since this face was hanging in my childhood bedroom until about (confession number two) a year ago, I feel it's only appropriate to somehow pay homage to 98º at my our wedding, yes?

Here's my thought -- and let me know if this is totally lame or totally cute. Anniversary dance at my our reception to THIS:

I Do (Cherish You) circa 1999

Now, do me a solid and call Pete to tell him what an adorable and brilliant idea this is. He's not quite on board yet. He's getting there, though. :)

Do you like anniversary dances? I used to think they were cheesy until I needed a reason to play 98º and now I'm into them. Would YOU appreciate hearing a boy band at a wedding reception? I know I would! xo

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