Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Why Fall?......

When Pete's a teacher?!"

Hehehe. Pete.
Did you know about this unspoken law that requires teachers to wed in summer? I didn't. Must have been absent that day... or at least absent minded, thinking about how nice a fall wedding might be...

We chose November because we wanted to. It's the NJ State Teacher Convention, which means Pete already has off Thursday and Friday. And everyone knows NJ public school teachers barely work in November anyways. But snark aside, take a look at our real reasons for tying a November knot...

1. Have you ever sweat profusely in formal attire?
Pete and I both have, as both our BFFs are -- you guessed it -- TEACHERS who chose to get hitched in June and July, respectively. We have first-hand experience taking outdoor photos in blistering heat and humidity. 'Twas miserable.

2. Do you have a favorite season?
I do. It's fall. Not summer. Do I need any more justification?

3. Do you have a choosy groom?
I don't I'm lucky. I know. Pete let me single-handedly choose our date. Maybe if he was marrying a teacher, he get married in July and that would be OK with him, too.

So there. We'll be married on a crisp, cool, late night in late fall with dry armpits -- although hopefully not dry eyes-- and return to work (and school) Monday morning. Boom.

How did you choose your date? Have people asked you why? xo

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Confession Time!

My future husband is not my first -- or only -- true love. THIS guy is:

Dreamy Nick Lachey
And since this face was hanging in my childhood bedroom until about (confession number two) a year ago, I feel it's only appropriate to somehow pay homage to 98º at my our wedding, yes?

Here's my thought -- and let me know if this is totally lame or totally cute. Anniversary dance at my our reception to THIS:

I Do (Cherish You) circa 1999

Now, do me a solid and call Pete to tell him what an adorable and brilliant idea this is. He's not quite on board yet. He's getting there, though. :)

Do you like anniversary dances? I used to think they were cheesy until I needed a reason to play 98º and now I'm into them. Would YOU appreciate hearing a boy band at a wedding reception? I know I would! xo