Saturday, March 30, 2013

Who's Your Celebrity Doppelgänger?

Home-buying and wedding-planning is all a little heavy, so I need to take a bloggy break and focus on some fluff. You don't mind, do you? Thanks.

Saw this post on the Weddingbee boards recently and it made me think about Pete and all his famous (and famously-handsome!) lookalikes!

Do strangers stop you on the street to say, "OMG you look so much like FILLINTHEBLANK!"? If so, who? Who would play your significant other or BFF in a movie? Who'd play you? Here's who'd play Pete:

Dan from Gossip Girl (whose name escapes me, but he'll always be Dan from Gossip Girl, no?):

Or Brad Piasley (sans cowboy hat -- and, sadly, sans guitar):

But Pete would probably prefer I say Landon Donovan. If you don't know who Landon Donovan is, I envy you and your blissfully soccer-free lifestyle. He's a super-mega-Olympic-MLS soccer star. He also has a receding hairline, so I HOPE he doesn't look like Pete! Haha. Behold:

 Good body, though. :)

And of course, here's who'd play moi:
Come on. Did you even have to ask?
Happy Easter!!! xo

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