Saturday, September 29, 2012


I'm in a pissy mood today thanks to a few work issues (sidenote: are you a nurse? A teacher? A janitor? Do you like it? How do I become that? Please share!) and ya know what's contributing to my agitated, irritated state of mind?...

Bridal mags TELLING me I NEED to look/act/feel like this:
Strapless-clad happiness.
And register for THIS:
Engaged? Martha Stewart or BUST!
Or else my wedding day, marriage, husband and life in general will be cheap, sucky, ruined, and not worth living...

Honestly, I wish I could just wear THIS:
Ralph Lauren from Macy's
And call it a day. Sadly, it only comes in black and my bridesmaids/minions/slaves/bid-doers (all synonymous, right?) already called dibs. Oh, yeah, we chose BM dresses this week, too... but I'm too pissy to talk about it.

Ever have a day/week/month where you just HATE EVERYTHING?? What caused it? Your boss? Your family? The weather? How do you get over it? xo

Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Being Enfianced

I recently attended a family member's wedding in Far Away Pennsylvania. The bride was 30, has been with her groom since high school, and post-ring, pulled her Big Day together in nine months. I totally understand why they didn't need a long engagement... they were living together for years before he finally popped the question!
HURRY! Your wedding is coming!!
From Engagement Day (July 31) until our wedding, Pete and I will have been enfianced for 16 months, and even with so much time, I still panic when I look at the calendar and realize how quickly 11/8/13 is already approaching! But hearing about couples engaged less than a year makes me grateful Pete and I are taking our time in comparison...

Being engaged is seriously cool-beans. I dig it. And it's fleeting. I was Pete's girlfriend for nearly four and half years. I'll (hopefully!) be his wife until Death Do Us Part (and beyond, if you're Catholic!) But I only get to be his fiancee for a measly 16 months... a nearly-undetectable sliver on our relationship timeline.

As stressful and harried as this time seems (have I mentioned we need to squeeze in house-hunting and buying before I Do?) I'm cognizant of the fact I should treasure and remember it. I'm trying to take my time making decisions, let ideas marinate before writing checks, and take mental notes along the way.

After all, this baby should fully enjoy its solo-time on my finger before I permanently add a second blinged-out band, right?
Yes, I think so, too...
Married gals: do you feel like you raced through your engagement to get to your Big Day? Any tips on how to NOT do that? xo

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Oh, You Don't Want That..."

Oh, I don't? Thank you for reading my mind, generic jeweler / banquet manager / dress consultant / random person I've never met asking about MY wedding... Glad you know my tastes so well!

My feelings about wedding industry peddlers
Although, I shouldn't be surprised when I hear it anymore. It began when Pete and I started ring shopping:

Sleazy jeweler: Any idea what you're looking for?
Me: Yes. Exactly. A one-carat pear set in a halo with diamonds on the band, too.
SJ: Oh, you don't want that. It's so old-fashioned looking! Why don't you try a round or a princess? They're much more popular right now.
M: Bye!

And then again when we were venue shopping:

Banquet Manager: What time is your reception?
Me: Late night. 8pm to 1am. We're having a 6:30 Mass.
BM: Oh you don't want that! Your guests will leave early, if they come at all! Why don't you consider a 4pm ceremony and a more-normal 5 to 10pm reception?
M: Bye!

And don't get me started on my dress. Rando acquaintances and strangers visibly grimace when they learn I want sleeves. Apparently, I'm a dodo bird who doesn't know any better and NEED strangers to tell me I'll "be so hot," "uncomfortable," and that I'll surely "regret that decision during my reception."

Umm...? I'm starting to consider taking my head and slotting it into every identical photograph in Brides... just so folks will STFU and leave me alone about my preferences. The good news is that so far, I've won every battle, despite the fact that I'm apparently planning the stupidest wedding of all time, according to outsiders. Although it's still early in the process...

Brides... ya feel me? Has anyone else encountered straight-disgust (or maybe, just uninvited [and wrong] opinions) throughout the planning process? I HATE when people say "Oh, you don't want that." It's SO RUDE! Am I overreacting? Are sleeves really THAT poor an idea? I can't imagine so...

Saturday, September 15, 2012


It's worse than I imagined. Way worse. Oh, so way worse. Made the MISTAKE of wandering into the Alfred Angelo Boutique in Cherry Hill in the name of "research" and was nearly blinded by a vast sea of UGLY. And trust me when I say, I really can't afford to sacrifice even a sliver of the precious sight I have left... BEHOLD:

Bridesmaids dresses inspired by a Disney Princess "Enchanted Ball:"

A Twilight-inspired "Vampire" BM Collection:
And oh yes, even wedding gowns ripped right from the Disney vault:
Is this real?

I would have run screaming... if I thought any of the snobby associates would even notice. Did I mention NOT ONE employee (and there were many, it was a busy Friday night) even asked if they could help? If I was engaged? If I needed anything? Acknowledged that a potential customer even walked in? SO RUDE!

Then again, I'd probably turn jaded, sour and nasty pretty quickly if I had to work in an EXPLOSION OF UGLY!!

Needless to say, I won't be returning, and I'm glad I went alone and not with the Women I Love Who Aren't Maids at All! I'd be extra-pissed if they treated them that way... Although... I may take my MOH/sis back for a laugh and to make a scene... or for comedic inspiration.

Guys. Apologies if your gown came from Alfred Angelo... and no offense, but... WHY?! Where can I find a flattering, elegant, simple gown with sleeves? And where can I find BM dresses that aren't so.... BM-y? Should I just get over it? BM Katie told me last night, "Kath... we're FRICKIN bridesmaids! We're gonna look like BRIDESMAIDS!" She's right I guess... HELP!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weddingz R Us!

You know what I'm talking about... those enormous, marble-and-granite-encrusted banquet facilities peppered throughout South Jersey that stamp out up to six receptions at a crack. I call them Wedding Factories... Weddingz R Us, if you will. Me no likey them.

Or at least I thought I didn't.

Finding a venue has been annoying... so it may just be the boredom and fatigue talking, but we recently toured one particularly popular, particularly pricey local Wedding Factory... And I didn't hate it! Bonus: it wasn't totally budget-busting for our late-Friday night par-tay. It's currently a contender, which made Pete and I all:

No deposits have been made, and no contracts have been signed. I'm still not sold on The Sparkling Crystal Bridal Suite and the Grande Hallway. They feel contrived and so un-us. But I'm slowly learning that getting married isn't completely about us. Families and loved ones are also involved, and we actually have to feed and accommodate them. And Wedding Factories make that so much easier!! They take care of every detail! All I need to worry about is showing up and having a cheesy portrait taken in the Grande Hallway... ugh...

Pete and I still dig the idea of a restaurant reception, and we have a few additional spots to scope in the next few weeks. But I'd love some feedback... Did you get married at Weddingz R Us? Was it worth it? Have you ever been to a restaurant reception? What did you think?