Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Don't Have a Venue...

But I know what OPI I'll sport down the aisle 14 months from now... HINT: It's not pink, white, sheer or French-tipped...

OPI Bastille My Heart
It's a borderline-maroon crimson shade laced with *just* the right amount of shimmer called Bastille My Heart. Debuted with the French Collection circa 2008. Poignant not only for its romantic name, but also because it hit shelves the same year Pete and I began dating. Ah, 2008...

But really, I just love the color. It's classic, flattering and perfect for late-fall. It's also discontinued and my bottle is half-empty. I plan to CONSERVE the precious potion until November 2013, when my hands, complete with a shiny new (hopefully blinged-out) wedding band, will become the Brangelina to my not-yet-hired photographer's paparazzi-like clicks.

If we HAVE to be photographed on our wedding day (and I'm told we do,) at least my all-time favorite red lacquer will be captured for prosperity.. Priorities, people!

What do you think of my non-traditional (yet still timeless!) color choice? Do you like French manicures? Would you dare to do your own nails for your Big Day? I plan to... xo

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Never Wanted Bridesmaids!

Or a wedding. Or a husband. So you can imagine my internal conflict when faced with having to choose/plan/marry all these things. My conflict-solution strategy is simple: keep things small, focus on what's important (our Sacramental Marriage,) and try to AVOID the term "bridesmaids" at all costs.

I don't need (nor want) a "maid," and I'd never want to make the women I love most feel like one! Shocking as this sounds coming from a bride-to-be, I'm more than capable of buckling my own shoes, primping my own face, brushing my own teeth--and even using the restroom solo on my wedding day. So, there go those duties... Gross.

Problem is, I'm a word person and still haven't crafted a better term for the tripod (yes, only 3) who'll stand beside me on November 8, 2013. "Women I Love Who Aren't Maids at All" doesn't quite flow from the tongue. I know "My Girls" and "My Ladies" are popular among wedding bloggers, but I'm not a plantation owner circa 1750 and I don't remember purchasing my sister and two best friends. I'm currently taking suggestions for a better word! #help!

Semantics aside, I wanted to let each woman know I honestly and truly wanted her in our wedding, and wasn't just trying to stack my side with bodies. I'm not crafty, but I made these:
Personalized Pedicure Kits!

Finished product
Using a few dollars and these handy tools:
Wiggly scissors, regular scissors, hole puncher, ribbon and Microsoft Word. word.
Of course, I picked out a NEW! fall OPI Germany color for each girl, and here's how I personalized them:

OMG that word! For lack of time to compose a better term this week, I had to default. Last time I do that!!
The Women I Love Who Aren't Maids at All really appreciated my little personalized prezzies (I hope!) and I felt good knowing I made them feel special and loved. And I have a feeling this won't be OPI's last appearance before next fall. #NailPolishShower anyone? What do you think of my little craft project? I was pretty impressed!

Disclaimer: Through what I'm sure will become a flurry of wedding-related posts here, please keep in mind that as a child, I wanted 2 things: a dog and a townhouse. Pete ruined my lifeplan! xo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

You Like Me!

I haven't posted in over a month--and that bums me out in a big way. Between work stress and a few big changes in my personal life (some good, some... medium [NOT bad!]) my creative juices haven't exactly been flowing. Not even THIS galvanized me to compose a few witty thoughts on my woefully neglected space:
So... this happened...
UNTIL! I received an anonymous tip a complete stranger stumbled upon my blog, read it... and liked it! That's it... if I can't muster the creativity and time it takes to maintain this thing for me.... I'll do it for MY FANS!! haha...

Anywhoodles, if people besides my dad (and occasionally, my dude) are checking me out, maybe I'll start sharing some actual useful information (totally missed a blog op on last week's Ann Taylor Friends & Family sale... and yes, I finally bought my Perfect Pumps. In black and gold.)

So stay tuned for SALE alerts, shopping tips, plenty of thrifty alternatives to Princess Kate-inspired looks... and maybe even a tiny glimpse into my non-wedding-y-wedding. Hint: there will be NO strapless gown, NO 20-person bridal party, NO name-changing and DEFINITELY NO up-the-leg-garter-fetching... Ah, I smell a few battles in my future...