Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!!!

This morning, I celebrated by working (yes, indeed) in our nation's first Capital. I spent the wee hours in the shadow of the Philadelphia skyline at CBS3/CWPhilly studios right in the heart of the city. Figured that was commemoration enough for the day. I wore a fab sundress with even fab-er wedges,** and now I'm back in my PJs gearing up for a glorious (rest of the) day off...

BUT! Should my man decide to surprise me with a fun night out (dear GOD not fireworks...HATE those!) here's what I'm wearing:
MIA Renegade Wedge.
Technically, these are black (not navy) but I think the red and white compensate just fine. God bless America!! Do you have any fun and fashionable Fourth plans?

**The shoes I wore to work today are attached to a funny/borderline-psychotic story that may or may not have involved me begging my out-of-town sister to go on a rouge mission... She did not. I prevailed nonetheless...