Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Thee to Thy Nearest H&M...

And purchase THIS dress in all three colors:
H&M's ultra-descriptive "Dress." $35.
Despite this frock's ambiguous style name, I'm telling you--it's figure-flattering perfection. A recent happy accident found me at the mall last weekend frantically searching for a Plan B outfit for my Godson's Christening the following morning. I stumbled upon this little number in vibrant teal, wore it immediately, then went back the next night to grab it in white. It's also available in this whisper-light pink. L-O-V-E.

Since I'd rather pluck my toenails from their cuticles than have my photograph taken, check out this paparazzi side shot:
Hiding behind "The Godfather"
This dress encompasses everything I look for in an ensemble... Sleeves, modesty, a snug, clean fit (no flow-y, ruffly bits, please) and a decidedly Princess Kate vibe. Oh, and until May 27, you can get 35% off any full-priced item with THIS coupon, which brings your grand total to $23. You're welcome.

And in case you're wondering, I completed this look with my old-faithful, worn-to-death Nine West nude pumps. Partly because I love them despite many, many nicks, scuffs and scratches....but mostly because I lost my Ann Taylor e-Bay auction. #boo.

In other news... it's MDW!!! And I have a blissful 4 days ahead!! And I haven't decided whether or not to torture Pete and drag him summer-clothes shopping... Any fun and fashionable plans?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

That Time I Bid on E-bay...

Have you ever successfully bid on e-bay without losing your identity to a Middle Eastern scammer? If so, please share your story below, because I *just* placed my first-ever bid, and now my imagination is getting the best of me...

To calm my nerves, give me a moment to enter my Happy Place, where the road is paved with supple leather Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps:
Hello, perfect shoe...
This style is dubbed "Perfect" for a reason, and while I've read about (and wanted) them for years, I could never bring myself to fork over $155 for a simple pair of black heels. I can easily, however, part with a measly $40, right? And that's exactly what I bid this morning--I'm currently in the lead!!

Four days stand between me and auction's end. Ah, wish me luck! And most importantly, here's hoping I don't get seriously scammed in the name of bargain hunting! #FingersCrossed...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blog Silence...

I hate it! I like blogging, and I miss it! It's Saturday morning, and before I begin my veritable laundry list of TO DOs, I figured I'd pop in to share a recent, Kate Middleton-inspired look I put together for the neph's Christening a few weeks ago...

Best I can do. I hate photos.
I paid $17 for that lace frock at F21 and I LUUURRVE it. Doesn't it SO remind you of Duchess Catherine's navy lace Erdem? Oh, you don't mentally file ALL of KM's looks? Maybe that's just me. Let me refresh your memory:
2011 Canada Tour
Ugh. STILL one of my all-time fave looks from her. I admit I completely copied it and I don't care. What do you think of this look? Was my low (LOW!)-end rip-off a good bargain? I KNOW I'm not the only gal modeling my closet after ZE PRINCESS! Right?!