Saturday, April 21, 2012

White Pants...

Ugh. Ok. Before I explain, you should know I have a STRICT no-colored-pants policy. Dark (DAAARK) denim is OK. Black is better. It ends there. The Spring/Summer 2012 colored skinny trend sure is cute, but SO NOT for me. And as much as I'd love to rock a coral or cobalt jean, I just know I'd look dumpy, frumpy and SHORT! Trust me on this. I've had way too many fitting room freak-outs to ever venture there again.

UNTIL this week when a work friend (who is just about the most adorable thing on two feet, mind you) worked a white jean/black top combo and looked unimaginably chic. And she's petite, too! If she can pull it off, I'm convinced I can, too! Now...where to find the perfect white pant for my midget proportions? Back to the fashion drawing board...

These. On a budget. Any suggestions?
And the fashion wishlist grows.... Do YOU wear white jeans? Where did you find your fave pair? And most importantly, do you spill on them? I have a feeling mine will be speckled with pen, coffee, yogurt, etc. by day's end... #advice?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

WANTED: Spring Wishlist

HELP! I MUST HAVE the following items for Spring, and can't find them anywhere. Problematic, since I'M the go-to, all-knowing shopping wizard in my circle.  *meekly waves white flag*

Below, my online plea for the perfectly-fitting, perfectly-priced pieces. Have you seen them lately? Bonus points for items under $50 at coupon-happy stores (The Limited, Macy's, etc...)

Sharp black boyfriend blazer. Long enough to cover my bum on those leggings-as-pants days. Slim-cut, relatively lightweight. NOT outerwear. Something like this:

Simple, black (leather or canvas) espadrille wedge pumps. Small platform is OK. Hooker heel is not. Must be comfortable enough for all-day wear. Something like this:
Hi, Idol.
Do these exist?! Can I afford them?! So! Many! Questions! LE SIGH!!

What's on your Spring fashion wishlist? xo