Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let's Talk About....

Finding your own personal "zen." In my case, I've spent the past two straight weeks running RUNNING! from work, to more work, then home to work some more. Funny enough, I LOVE IT and my psyche seems to be firmly in tact. Truthfully, I can't recall a time when I've felt happier or more professionally confident.  #finally #PleaseDon'tPullTheRugOutFates!!

Personal happiness and confidence (on the other hand) is a WHOLE other can of worms labeled DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOU'RE BLOGGING FROM YOUR OWN CONDO/TOWNHOME/APARTMENT WITH A PEAR-SHAPED DIAMOND SPARKLING ON YOUR RING FINGER!! I'm SO! SO! SO! over pretending like everything is peaches and gumdrops in my personal life. Really, it's CRAP and I'm entirely out of the infinite amount of energy it requires to pretend it's not, and that I'm not hugely, massively, unimaginably disappointed in how our cards have fallen. There. Now it's out... #HonestyIsTheBestPolicy. And THAT'S why there's an all-caps warning label on this particular can of worms... I digress...

*Deep breath* Back to maintaining my *zen*...

My body is the problem. I feel so physically weary, I haven't been able to keep up my pre-full-time workout routine. Couple virtually zero exercise with a workday full of sitting, sitting and sitting--and what I have is a frail frame that cracks and creaks with every attempt at movement.

Enter today. A blissful, plan-less Saturday, which--while not necessarily sunny (downright yucky and foggy)--will hopefully allow a little pavement-pounding. Never thought I'd say this, but... I miss my Nikes!!!

Oh, and while we're on the subject of maintaining physical and emotional inner peace--and because working 24/7 hasn't done much for my compulsive shopping habit (my commute finds me literally driving THROUGH some of the best spots in South Jersey!)--we need to discuss my new favorite scent:

BBW Lavender Market
If you're a fellow lavvie-lover, this is--I'm not joking--a MUST BUY!! Might even overtake Yankee's Lemon Lavender as my favorite lavvie candle EVER. And it's limited edition, so get thee to thy nearest Bath and Body Works STAT and STOCK UP! Thank me later when you're blissing out.

Anywhoodles, how do YOU find calm when you're crazed? I'd love all the help I can get! xo

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Certain things in Life...

I will simply never understand. Like decorative stone driveways (don't you just drive over them? Doesn't your car just leak oil over that intricate [and no-doubt expensive] artful expanse?) And tax forms (WTF, Uncle Sam?!?)

Next on my personal economic understandability continuum lie the things I can at least appreciate, like dropping significant cash on quality and exclusivity. (Ummm... this buttery leather MK motorcycle jacket, for example.)

Extrapolate my personal willingness to spend all the way down to choosing the thriftiest brand of tampons at Walmart, and you'll get an idea of where my shopping dollars go. Love me a bargain, will splurge where necessary, pinch pennies on necessities like toothpaste and tissues. Never compromise savvy style.

MY  DILEMMA: I now own a pair of $250 Tory Burch Gabi flats that I don't even think are all that cute. In fact, I feel foolish wearing them! They were FREE, but if I were spending my own moo-lah, I'd never buy them! Take a look:
Beautiful backdrop...
They are navy (wanted black,) suede (wanted leather) and have a monochromatic, boring leather logo medallion (wanted gold metallic.) Oh, and they give me BLISTERS! Pete says I should sell them.

In other words, I'd *maybe* spend $10 on something like this in a pinch, but I'm worried people are looking at me thinking, "Why the H would that stupid-idiot label ho drop that kind of dough on a pair of ugly and uncomfortable shoes? Oh, I know... because she's a dumb-dumb fashion amateur and assumes the TB medallion equals style." But I don't think that!!! Feel me?

This post was long, garbled and rife with grammatical and syntactical errors. Apologies--working two (relatively intellectually demanding) jobs has leeched my brain power. Anywhoodillies, should I sell or keep these TB flats? What would you do? Moreover, am I the only person who straight-up DOESN'T GET a lot of things in this world--fashion, money or otherwise? Tell me I'm not... xo

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Remember Me?

The girl who started a blog, stared a job, and promptly disappeared into social media obscurity forever? I miss blogging! Almost as much as I miss sleeping. For Christ's sake, I didn't even comment on Oscar fashion! #WHAT'SWRONGWITHME?!?!? (Well, I commented in my head, just not on the ole' blog.)

Anywhoodles, holding down a job and a half (essentially) means I can buy more of THESE:
 And THIS:
Makeup! Lots of fun makeup!
Oh, and.... I bought THIS:

MK Link Bracelet. It cost $133 after tax and I'M SORRY I'M NOT SORRY!
At least I have a beautiful bauble to admire while I tap away on a computer from the time I open my eyes (6am) until the moment I finally shut them (around 1am.)

I have so much to say about my new full-time (awesome!) gig (hint: fashion is indeed involved,) but I can't right now. I have to work.