Friday, February 17, 2012


I couldn't sleep last night (due to a few non-fashion-related life issues) and in my restlessness, suddenly realized New York Fashion Week is officially OVER and I haven't crafted a single post surrounding it! Truthfully, the last few days have been HECKA busy and I've still not taken the time to scour the web for photos, recaps, hits, misses, usual #NYFW ridiculousness, etc. Maybe this weekend?

In the meantime, watch this HI-larious video, which--while intended to parody--actually pretty accurately describes lots of crazy B's running around NYC in their Atwoods, Kirkwoods and Choos. Enjoy!

(PS: YouTube is acting up and telling me I can't embed the vid, so go HERE!)

Oh, one more thing... Should I buy this HUGE Steve Madden tote? It could double as an overnight bag!
This. In black, natch!
Thoughts? TGIF, everyone! xo

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lapse in Judgement?

Guys. WHY do I suddenly feel the urgent NEED for these??

Pink Glitter TOMS
Since the inception of TOMS back in 2006, I've always respected their cause and HATED their shoes. WHY am I suddenly finding myself drawn to the pink glitter version?? I'm blaming it on Valentine's Day. And my recent obsession with PINK. And the fact that I tried a pair on at Nordstrom Rack last night (partially as a joke) and ZOMG HOLY CLOUD FEET! I had a moment of awakening and suddenly realized the driving force behind the insane frenzy surrounding these ugly, flat slip-ons. THEY! ARE! SO! COMFY!

And now I want them. #Boo

Who out there has TOMS? Are they really as comfortable as they seem? Please tell me they actually cause horrible blisters and to SAVE MY MONEY! xo

Monday, February 13, 2012

Glammy Grammys

There's nothing like an awards show celebrating crazy-creative artsy types (like pop icons and even legit musicians) to embolden stars to take HUGE red carpet risks. Sometimes, those risks pay off and become a fabulous piece of fashion history (J-Lo's down-to-there green Versace in 2000 comes to mind.) Other times, those risks backfire and become a hilarious piece of fashion comedy (um, Lady Gaga's meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, anyone?)
Sweet Memories
The positively polarizing nature of Grammy Awards fashion is exactly what makes it one of my favorite nights of the year. And since a somber cloud hovered over the show on Sunday (sidebar: still in SHOCK about Whitney,) music's boldest-faced names seemed to tone it down a bit. I can only imagine the veritable scrambling every stylist, seamstress, designer and fashion publicist did upon learning about WH's death and reworking their client's look at the last LAST minute. Anything too over-the-top crazypants (again, meat dress, anyone?) would have felt cheesy, inauthentic and inappropriate given the spirit of the night.

Anywhoodles, that's my theory and I've already given way more than my two cents...So let's proceed to my picks!


Katy Perry in Elie Saab:

Note to Katy: ^THIS^ is the way to wear blue. THIS is not.
KP was a no-brainier best-dressed pick for me, and not just because she opted for one of my favorite designers (ES) and one of my favorite silhouettes (hi, sleeves and scoop neck.) What pushed this look over the threshold was Katy's grooming game. Her electric blue faux-hawk, mega lashes and baby pink pucker put a decidedly Katy stamp on an otherwise safe look for her.

Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad:
All Grown Up
I'd love Taylor even if she pulled a Gaga and went all butcher-chic on us. After all, she took home two golden gramophones for her single Mean, an anti-bullying anthem. Love that. Also love her version of grown-up glitter--she matches her Grammys!

Carrie Underwood in Gomez Garcia:
Love the open back!
This Idol alum is no stranger to the Grammy scene--she already has five gilded statues at home--so it's no surprise she hit it out of the park (perhaps with that infamous Louisville Slugger?) She looked angelic, and her black clutch and kohl-rimmed eyes added just the right amount of edge.

Chrissy Teigen (aka the future Mrs. John Legend) in ?:

GIANT diamond optional.
She wasn't a nominee, presenter or past winner, so she flew under the radar. But Ms. Teigen earned herself a mention in an elegant black gown with *just* enough sexiness to keep things classy. I don't know who designed her frock, but I WANT IT!


Nicki Minaj in Versace:
Tacky and tasteless, no?
Ugly and offensive, impressive! Why is this considered OK? We all know if NM had arrived with a black hat-wearing Orthodox Jew, or turban-clad Muslim leader, media would immediately brand her hateful and borderline-terroristic. Nonetheless, my blog is about fashion (not religion or politics) so I'll just say... This feels a little stale and overdone (and truthfully, pretty copycat-esque) considering Gaga's meat dress (there it is again.)

What did you think about Grammy fashion this year? And aside from the clothes and shoes, what was your favorite moment? My mom loved seeing the Beach Boys reunite! xo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Luck...

Fortune, if you will. Certain groups of folks seem to soak up the majority of this precious, intangible resource. Like trust-fund babies. And people smart enough to earn finance degrees. Well, maybe that's less luck and more brains--but those people sure are lucky to be so smart, right?
Some people have all the LUCK!
The rest of us saps trudge through our lives and careers saddled with borderline useless (yet, somehow equally pricey) academic credentials in Communication, Philosophy or Sociology. Some of us waste even more dough on a graduate program. And some of us still live at home, and spend the workday cranking out web copy about why you should invest in a fuel-efficient car.

What's the point of this post? I'm really not sure. All I know is that I just saw a "mutual friend" pop up on Facebook (depressing time suck, much?) who graduated college AFTER me with a finance degree. He's now a PARTNER at some financial planning firm here in South Jersey. At the ripe old age of 25. He also looked completely, prematurely bald, which--I admit--made me feel slightly less pitiful.

Anywhoodles, it's nearly 1AM and I'm looking at a long night of deadline writing before tomorrow. At least this next batch of work tasks me to write eye-catching copy about Calvin Klein shoes and Coach bags. Take THAT, smart money people!

Calvin Klein Pump

Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Make Super Bowl Sunday Slightly More Tolerable

If you're anything like moi, you'd most likely opt to simultaneously rip your toenails from their cuticles while lying on a bed of searing hot pokers, than watch a football game, if given the choice.

And if your guy is anything like mine, and you replace "watch a football game" with "go shopping," he'd probably take that deal as well.

Fear not! Pete and I have developed a fail-safe Super Bowl Sunday routine. One that leaves us both not only sane, but happily satisfied after the final point's been logged and the last Buffalo wing's been devoured. It's a simple routine, really, and it goes a little something like this:

Shop Shop Shop! Sale Sale Sale!
Sit Sit Sit. Watch Watch Watch.

That's right. It's now become something of a "tradition" for me to hit the mall while Pete vegges in front of pregame coverage all afternoon. Genius. Mainly because February is a great time to score some serious deals. But more on that later...

All kidding aside, I'll admit the five minutes I spent watching the "game" Sunday night were oh-so-worth it. Behold:

Maybe I should start watching more football? :P

PS: In my weekend travels, I managed to snag an ahh-mazing pair of $50 Madden Girl pumps for $13. Blog to come. I LOVE Super Bowl Sunday! Do you have any pigskin-related traditions? xo

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I really hate to admit this, but I love PINK! Almost as much as I love black and taupe--and that's a whole lotta' love. Anyway, it's Saturday and I'm working (and clearly looking for ways to procrastinate) so here's a peek at a recent OOTD:

OMG, like, don't you totally love PINK & stuff?!
When it comes to clothes and color palates, I like to tell myself I'm slightly more knowledgeable and sophisticated than the average Jane--remember I went to school to learn about that stuff? Nevermind the fact that pink, in all its forms, is downright unflattering on my skin tone. Ah, well...

Still, my inner Pretty Pretty Princess can't resist an amazing raspberry, fuchsia or salmon. Only these days, I actually dig the black ring. See?
We're officially into February, which means I'll be celebrating with an unending rotation of amazing pink and red pieces. And--duh!--mani/pedis.

Happy Valentine's Month! Are you looking forward to anything in particular? Special plans with your sweetie--or hot date with your credit card? I'm sensing both in my near future... xo