Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love When the Experts Agree with Me!

As you probably already know, two of my FAAAVORITE THIIINGS in life are fashion and procrastination. That's why I receive 80 FRILLION e-mails everyday alerting me to sales, discounts, new products and promotions, etc. One woman's spam mail is another woman's leisure reading.

Today's offerings included my daily SHOPAFROLIC newsletter (penned by Target sweetheart Liz Lange and her fashionable sister Jane) and guess what they had to say about the SAGs?!

Shopafrolic is all about scoring "it" items and celeb looks for less--although their version of "less" is often my version of "splurge." And they spelled "Temperley" wrong. Not important. And that felt like way too many quotation marks for one paragraph...

What IS important here is that once again, my instincts are spot-on. Here's what Lange had to say about Ms. Bowen's drool-worthy purple frock:

"Sunday night's red carpet showcased an abundance of fashion DO's. Our #1 favorite look was Julie Bowen's.  She was resplendent in a purple gown that reeked of old hollywood glamour. Do as Julie did and make sure that it fits you like a glove. Nothing is less chic than an ill-fitting dress!"
Right?! The moral of this post is that obviously, I have great taste. I know what I'm talking about, and SOMEONE SHOULD GIVE ME A JOB STYLING FAMOUS PEOPLE! Have you heard of any openings? :P

Monday, January 30, 2012

GAH! I Missed The SAGs!

If my fashion blogger card hasn't yet been revoked for allowing my little online space to sit idle for weeks at a time, surely missing the Screen Actor's Guild Awards should do it. It's the one glittery night in Hollywood totally FOR the stars, BY the stars! #FAILLLLL

Not that I'm making excuses (HATE those!) but Sunday night saw Pete and me a little preoccupied with the neph's 13th birthday party. And as much as we ADORE the nephs--seriously, Pete would probably rather hang with the little guys than me**--I can't honestly say missing the SAGs was worth it. Mainly because, to quote Juno, "I'd rather get hit by a truck full of hot garbage juice" than spend a night with some of the other folks in attendance. (cough, cough)

Anywhoodles, the ole' writing schedule is pretty packed today and tomorrow, so I (sadly) won't have time for a full run-down of my Best and Worst Dressed peppered with irreverent references and color commentary. Boo. For now, take a look at Julie Bowen (ModFam) in this particularly scrumptious shade of berry. Fuchsia? Purple? Puchia? I don't even care because I LOVE IT!

And no wonder. It's Kate Middleton-Approved Temperley London. Gorg!

If you caught the SAGs on Sunday, who was your best and worst? I haven't gotten a chance to sort through many photos yet, so I'd love input! xo

**Sidenote: Now that Ryan is six months old, he and Brandon (22 months) literally fight for Uncle Pete's attention. I'm convinced it's because Pete has bold, black eyebrows that must look weird and cool through a baby's eyes. Thoughts?

Monday, January 16, 2012


Good news! It seems like Hollywood's hottest starlets are finally getting the memo that strapless sihlouettes are not, in fact, their only red carpet options. I think last night's 65th annual Golden Globes marked the first awards show in A LOT of years where the celebs didn't march down the crimson runway looking like strapless-clad clones of each other. In fact, besides one GLARING, OBVIOUS choice for worst-dressed, I had a hard time deciding which gowns to hate! Read on for my picks!


Michelle Williams in Jason Wu and Nicholas Kirkwood:
Simultaneously cute and sultry. How does she do it?
She's adorable. She's modest. She has that whole sweetheart thing going for her. And I dig her style. I've never seen Jen Lindley look better, and her navy velvet applique confection (courtesy of American designer--and First Lady favorite--Jason Wu) was the fashionable icing on top of the cake that was her first Globes win.

Juliana Margulies in Naeem Kahn:
Fashion simplicity at its best
What pill does Nurse Hathaway take to COMPLETELY STOP THE AGING PROCESS?! I don't know. But I *do* know that I'm dying dying dying over her second skin Naeem Kahn. Fun fact: one of only two purple dresses on the carpet.

Heidi Klum in Calvin Klein Collection:
Turquoise jewelry = LOVE
My girl knocked it out of the park with her head-to-toe Calvin Klein Collection look. Heidi was a breath of fresh, summery air in a veritable sea of jewel tones. After this, I might just have to forgive her for her major misstep at the 2011 Emmy's.

Maria Menounos in ??:
Warning: Unless your body looks like  ^THIS^ beware skin-tight sequins.
If you know who designed the Extra host's sparkly lemon bodycon frock, please clue me in. I can't find it ANYWHERE, but I'm still including her because my draw dropped when Ms. M. first stepped onto the carpet. Yellow is tricky, and she wore it to perfection. No easy fashion feat.


Charlize Theron in Dior (natch, she reps the brand!)
Fashion 101: Adding layers and layers of billowy fabric to your tummy/hips is a NO-NO!
Sorry, Charlie! Looks like you picked up where Ms. Klum left off last fall. Why would you do this to your flawless figure?! You can (and should!) do better.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Monique Lhullier:
It's blue! It's white! It's tie-dye! My eyes!
Come on. Did you really think letting your daughter choose your Globes gown was a good idea? Yeah, didn't think so. She may be Buffy, but SMG is no fashion buff. Cute ponytail, though. 


Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang:

Haven't we seen this before?
To Sof: Love you. Love ModFam. HATE that you continually choose the exact same dress (with slight modifications) for every red carpet appearance. You're voluptuous. You're sexy. Your rack could crumble an empire. We totally get it. But maybe, try a sheath or an a-line. Try one-shoulder or a strategically-placed sleeve. Anything other than a strapless, sweetheart, mermaid gown with a corseted bodice. You don't need to try so hard to show off that killer shape, and your looks are all starting to run together. You looked good, but oh-so-STALE.

Who did I miss? Who was your favorite at the Globes? Can't you just feel the awards show season excitement in the air? xo

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things I'm Loving Now: Winter Edition

The OMGDEADLINE abridged version:

Forever 21 Hot Pink Scarf:
I'm wearing this (gigantic) accessory with everything from leggings and slippers to my favorite fancy wool coat. The color is TO DIE! 

Revlon Lip Butters in Peach Parfait and Lollipop:

Could Emma Stone BE any more gorgeous?
If I could marry these Lip Butters and run away with them, I totally would. I've mentioned them before, and I stand by my allegiance. Peach Parfait is the perfect everyday hue with flattering warm shimmer, and Lollipop is the shade of cool fuchsia I've been searching for since I was born.

Orly Emberstone:

Emberstone is glowy and vibrant, but still feels just right for winter.
The Mineral FX Collection *technically* debuted in late summer/early fall, but in accordance with my cheapanista ways, I waited to snag the jewel-toned, glittery goodness until the entire collection was on clearance at Sally's for $1.99 a bottle. Since I didn't try these until wintertime, I'm including them in this post. (And not this one.)

Marshmallow Fireside candle from Bath & Body Works:
This little beauty is burning beside me as I type this...
A distinct masculine, burning-wood note lends the perfect amount of edge to sweet, rich marshmallow. Full disclosure: Pete also loves this one and even has the Wallflower plug-in, so you KNOW it must be good. #SorryPete

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment:
Not much to say about this cold weather staple, except I would literally cease to exist without it. I don't care who you are or what skin type you have, if you're not using Aquaphor on your lips, chapped nose, elbows, feet, cuticles and just about every inch of your dermis, you're actin' a fool this winter. Go buy some. Now. I wasn't kidding. #YouAreWelcome

I'm loving about six million other wintery things at the moment (mainly fashion and beauty related, natch,) but I'm stopping right here thanks to a looming deadline. If you have any FAAAVORITE THIIINGS this winter, please share! :)

Lessons from a Beauty Junkie: Shop Your Stash!

My most recent manicure did more than boost my confidence and make my hands look a little prettier. It actually lit a fire inside my belly and now I'm doing my best to share my "A-HA" moment with my readers. Yes, all three of you. First, take look at the aforementioned paint job, a rich teal creme aptly called, Ski Teal We Drop:
That Suzi. So clever with the polish names.
This yummy hue debuted as part of OPI's Fall 2010 lineup (The Swiss Collection, in case you were curious,) which means that I (most likely) got my grubby little hands on it somewhere around July 2010. I bought it, wore it once, loved it, and swiftly buried it deep in the hoard of my vast (and I mean VAST!) lacquer stash.

Enter January 2012, and a friend's request for a particular polish I couldn't put my hands on. A veritable deep-sea (deep-paint?) reconnaissance mission uncovered this little beauty. And that's when the light bulb went off.

The lesson? SHOP THAT STASH before your next shopping trip! You might just find an old gem and successfully satiate that BUYBUYBUY craving without parting with a single penny.

Will this epiphany stick in my mind long enough to actually make a difference in my shopping/stashing/hoarding beauty habits? I'll get back to you! xo

Monday, January 9, 2012

This OOTD Brought to You by Old Navy, Target and Ross...

If you haven't yet figured this out, I'm a bit of a monetary miser. A cheapanista, if you will. I live on a freelance salary, which tends to swing from feast to famine, bull to bear, every other day (great for the nerves, by the way) and out of necessity, watch literally every cent I spend.

How, then, do I manage to be such a shameless shopping h0, slave to fashion and glamour girl when I have literal pennies to spend on fun things like shoes and accessories? I'm glad you asked!
Replace those Benzos with a few crisp Washingtons, and you have my wallet. Oh, and take away the belt. It wasn't on sale, so I couldn't spring for it this month.

Anywhoodles, let me walk you through a typical OOTD (outfit of the day, for any blog newbies out there) and explain piece by piece, how I manage to shine up like a new penny for pennies!

But be warned: if you don't like to shop, and can't be bothered meticulously tracking sales and coupons, or tirelessly combing clearance racks and bins, it looks like you're stuck paying retail. And that sucks for you! Muahaha!

On Saturday night, I attended a joint birthday party for the Senator's son and his wife. Another story for another blog, but in the meantime, here's what I wore:

I was schmoozing with a Saks and Neiman's crowd, and like to think I held my own in a particularly festive getup straight from the clearance racks of Old Navy, Target and Ross. Oh yes, Ross. The most expensive item on my person was my fabulous Michael Kors necklace (gifted,) which I've managed to successfully pair with everything from sleepwear to activewear to black tie since Christmas. Want to know the bargain breakdown? Here it is:

Dress: $11.99 (orig. $40 at ON)
Jacket: $4 (orig. $30 at Tarjay)
Tights: $5 (full price at Tarjay. Worth it.)
Shoes: $25 (orig. $70. Jessica Simpson at Ross)
Watch/bracelet/necklace: All gifted for the holidays.
Editor's Note: The watch came from Pete, so I know it cost $20 at JCP because I helped him coupon for it. (Hellooo, online survey and 15% off any purchase!)

For the record, I had my eye on that pink frock since its store debut back in the fall, but waited and waited and was ultimately rewarded with the $12 price tag. #score

The lesson here? Be discerning when shopping sale racks, and don't buy something JUST BECAUSE IT"S SO CHEAP OMG! If you love something at full price, I promise you'll love it ten times more when you snag it for a song. Oh, and when there's a birthday or gift-giving holiday around the corner, don't be afraid to ask loved ones for pieces you just can't afford. They'll love giving you something that you'll actually wear/use/adore. Trust me. #Winning all around. :P

Oh, and I was having a bouncy, swingy hair day thanks to my recent FREE haircut. I can't help you save there, since my cousin happens to be an amazing stylist/colorist at THE BEST salon in town and is kind enough to lend pro-bono services to her cash-strapped, freelancing relatives. What I CAN do is tell you go to see Erin H. at Salon Santa Fe in Cinnaminson, NJ -- if you happen to live in the area. She. Is. Amazing. You're welcome.

Anyway, what do you think about this look? I was stressed about attending this particular soiree, and I admit that looking polished and put-together eased my mind, if only slightly. What are your favorite budgeting tips? I hope I've inspired you to start saving! xo