Friday, November 23, 2012

New Home!

.... But unfortunately, not THIS kind:
Beautiful Cinnaminson Harbour Town Homes. #WANT.
I'm still totally freeloading off my parents and sleeping in my childhood bedroom. But I DO have a new online home. One with more than three readers!

Check me out!
I'm trying to maintain both spaces for now... good thing I only post once a century. But if you're curious about life as a Townie, or anxiety about moving away from the only neighborhood you've ever called home, take a look!

Meanwhile, Happy Turkey!! #gobblegobble

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Fiance Rocks Because...

Pete and I just enjoyed a glorious 4-day weekend and we actually accomplished quite a bit with our time! We finally connected with the Priest who's doing our wedding Mass (good news: he's available!), had our engagement photos taken (proofs to come this week!) and relished some MUCH needed time away from our jobs and with each other. 'Twas awesome.

And because I had a shiny new, still-in-plastic Glamour Magazine to crack into (and because it was so unseasonably warm this weekend,) I actually accompanied Pete to his soccer game. And for me, "watching Pete's game" looks like THIS:
Ah, yes.
Anywhoodles, December's Glamour featured a personal essay from author Danzy Senna entitled "Should You Be Dating a Macho Man?" Ignore the embarrassing title for a sec and bear with me. Behold THIS quote:

"Perhaps there are qualities of the old-fashioned manly-man to be salvaged. Chivalry, courage, strength, generosity, protectiveness and decisiveness."

Basically sums up my man in one clean little package. I read Glamour for fun, but this story struck a serious chord. And after a string of Negative Nancy posts, I thought it might be fun to list some of the reasons why My Fiance Rocks. I'm lucky and blessed beyond (way beyond) my wildest dreams. And with my "old-fashioned manly man" by my side, I'll never have to squish a bug, open a door, carry heavy grocery bags, fill my own gas tank (hate that!) or go downstairs when we hear a noise at 3am. #SeriouslySoLucky

Moving forward, I plan to TRY MY BEST to stop focusing on all the annoying  things wedding planning brings. After all, I'm engaged and I never have to squish a bug! #LifeIsGood!

Ahhh... I feel better. Do you ever find yourself spiraling into negativity? I certainly do. How do you break the cycle and focus on the positive? And back to Glamour, are you more attracted to artsy-sensitive types? If so, I'd HIGHLY recommend dating an old-fashioned dude. It's the best. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Do or I Don't: Shopping SOLO

Welcome to my new blog series, where I ask, "I Do or I Don't?" re: some long-standing traditions. Today I ask, can I go solo-shopping for my bridal gown?

  • Quiet
  • Clear mind
  • No one's opinions but my own
  • No stress migraines from organizing / coordinating everyone and feeling the need to overcompensate / make excuses when certain people make me uncomfortable (biggest pro so far!)
  • No expectations for people to actually care about this shopping trip (when clearly they'd rather be talking about other crap.)
  • No disappointment when people inevitably act flip and break my heart while I stand there in an ugly sample, "alone in my principles."

  • Despite the fact that it will be akin to pulling teeth to get everyone to actually come together and pay attention/care/focus on something other than themselves for an afternoon (NO ONE will make it easy!) everyone will still somehow hate me for going alone.
  • And.... that's it! All I can think of...Did I just answer my own question?

I can't seem to stop hurting peoples' feelings during the planning process, despite my best efforts to keep every. single. person. in mind when making every decision. It's actually starting to hurt MY feelings... and I'm the frickin BRIDE! So maybe I'll just say EFF IT and buy my own damn gown. Alone.

So, I DO or I DON'T? Should I shop alone? Did YOU shop alone? I fear I'm damaging my organs with so much Excedrin and Mortin to squelch an unprecedented number of stress-induced migraines... When does this become fun? #FamiliesAreStressful

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"I Will DIE If..." rains for our engagement photos

...if I get a monster breakout the week of our wedding

...if YOU get a monster breakout the week of our wedding

...if I can't find THIS EXACT (sold-out) hair bling before November 8, 2013:
From Etsy. One-of-a-kind and GONE!
And the list continues. I've been catching myself claiming my own death more frequently than usual (not saying it wasn't semi-frequent pre-diamond) and I know I should stop. After all, will I actually croak if any of the above occur? Probably not... no promises, though.

Brides (and people who hate them)-- have you caught a negative/nasty phrase slip into your vernacular? Are you trying to tone it down, or just goin' with it? Others of mine include "I'm gonna kill myself," "I'm gonna kill my mom/my sister/your sister," and--why am I admitting this?--I may sometimes threaten to stab my fiance with whatever utensil I'm holding at the moment...

Over a shared pint of Haagen Dazs (in the most loving way possible, of course):
"I will stab you in the eyeball with my spoon!!"

Ok. That's just not nice. I'm stopping now. Love you, Pete!! *muah*