Sunday, October 21, 2012


Pre-Cana was seriously awesome-sauce. Any Catholic couple who says otherwise is lying, insecure or attending the wrong Church. Pete and I don't cohabit, miss Mass or even use God's name in vain (umm, Pete's "curse words" are dumb and idiot. I think he's so censored since he works with children, ha.) But even if we DID do those things, our host couples (several parish marrieds who led the retreat) never once condemned any behavior--good, bad or otherwise.
Needed at least one photo...
The day wasn't about what NOT do to (use artificial birth control, live together pre-ceremony, etc.) but instead was all about love, openness and arming ourselves with tools to peacefully tackle marital toughies, from finances to family.... with lots of faith peppered throughout.

Maybe I've been on more religious retreats than the average person. I attended First Dennis for years with the whole extended crew. I attended, then directed then lived The Fourth, and recently Pete and I trekked up to St. Francis House in Rancocas with my Deacon/Godfather/Officiant for a night of prayer and reflection about married life. I'm more than comfortable in a "retreat" setting, so it felt totally natural and not a drop forced. I understand why a non-practicing/apathetic couple may feel bogus or out of place... but our host couples made the day so fun!

Amidst large group discussions, smaller "breakout sessions" and time for just Pete and me together, we played ice breakers (legit. fun,) snacked and drank and even discovered some familiar faces in our group. After nine intense hours (which included Sat. evening Mass,) we left with a huge packet full of helpful paperwork, a cert. of completion from our diocese and the Wawa GC we won playing the Newlywed Game, ha!

Recently, life has been chaotic, upsetting and confusing. Our Pre-Cana experience couldn't have come at a better time. We want to do it again! If you were originally dreading it... don't! ZOMG I just penned a novel... ah! #sorry

Saturday, October 20, 2012


It's 7am on a Saturday and Pete and I need to be at church by 8. Still not showered or breakfasted but nonetheless wanted to hop on with a quick update. I've read a lot of Catholic couples dread Pre-Cana... but I'm actually looking forward to it! Mainly because I know I'll kick Pete's butt on all the questions. You see, I'm a product of our town's Catholic school, while my handsome fiance attended CMS/CHS.

Pete's a sharply competitive super-jock and truthfully, is better at most things (math, common sense, career, kind heartedness, life in general) than me. But not Church! Church, I can win!! #Finally

Besides, we attend weekly Mass and aren't breaking a single one of the Catholic rules so I'm confident we'll be ace pupils. I'll keep you posted!
Catholic Rules. Lots of em'.

Catholic brides... did you have a positive Pre-Cana experience? Or did you leave feeling like a sinner? Ah...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Diamond Insanity...

Or how rocking a big rock is turning me into insano-crazy-spend-money-lady. I've been a shopper / beauty junkie my WHOLE life, but always with an eye towards a bargain...

Until I became engaged and suddenly felt the NEED for insaan treatments like this:

Upwards of $200 after a trip to the eye doc, etc.
In-office only. Nearly $1000!
Thankfully, in addition to my diamond rock, I also have a fiance rock with a head so practical he just about balances my insanity. Thanks to his smart advice, I've settled on the following. FOR NOW:

Favorite mascara of the moment. Budget-friendly, too!

Spendy lash curler. Worth it.
White Rinse

Old-school strips. $25.
I also dialed back my engagement dress budget after being so disappointed with my original pick from Ann Taylor. I've accepted that fact that H&M and F21 just fit better for the time being, so I settled for an adorable little $29 cobalt blue number for our photos. It's more "me" anyway...

As for my budget beauty picks... my lashes are just OK (not outstanding) and my teeth will only be kind-of-white (not blindingly so) but I'll take one for the team and spend those spare few hundred dollars on decorating our yet-to-be-purchased home... I tell myself that and instantly feel better!

Ladies... have you tried Latisse? Is it worth it? I'm dropping the issue for now (Pete says I have enough eye issues and shouldn't press my luck) but may revisit the treatment before next fall! Did you take any drastic and spendy beauty-related risks prior to I Do? Do tell!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skinny Girls Need Love Too

I know I might get some shade for this post... and I'm fully prepared to take my lumps... but I need to get this out...

I'm petite and can't find an age-appropriate engagement photo dress!!!!! I feel like the textile industry (and world in general) is against me!!!!! When a size 00P seems to be cut on a refrigerator figure, the problem isn't my body... it's the industry!

And I'm tired of everyone blaming my body. Truthfully, it's no less hurtful than calling a full-figured woman "fat" or saying "Oh that size 22 is too tight? Loose some weight, then!!" Because I encounter the opposite--literally--everyday.

"That dress doesn't fit you because you're too damn skinny! Go eat some Ben and Jerry's with butter sauce and stop complaining!"


"You'd be able to find grown-up clothes if you weren't built like a toddler!"

What was that you heard flying out the window? Just my self-esteem and confidence as a grown woman. NBD.

I ordered this lovely Ann Taylor number thinking it would be PERFECTO for our outdoor, early-November photographs. But the 00 was more like a size 10 and I wasted $8.95 on shipping charges and gas money returning it to the store.
So pretty. So disappointing.
I don't want to shop Juniors (F21 and Old Navy are out, much as I love them) for my engagement photo, rehearsal dinner and shower looks. I'm 26. I have a career (sort-of. That I hate.) A fiance. A high-interest savings account! WHY THE F can't I find big girl clothes, too?


Any suggestions for sophisticated, well-made looks for small women? I'm even willing to spend money this time!! We're having our photos taken in exactly one month and I can't go nekkid. And more importantly, what's with the body weight double-standard? Thoughts? xo

Monday, October 1, 2012


Verb: Attending a FREE open house at the Camden Adventure Aquarium just for the awesome tour and free booze / noshes. When your venue is already booked.

Freaks me the F out...

Pretty, but "big water" is terrifying...
Chalking this one up to that whole "trying to enjoy our engagement" thing... We'll only do this once, right?!

Should I be embarrassed about this? Oh well, don't care... too busy going to the Aquarium fo' free! xo