Monday, December 31, 2012

So THIS Thing's Back in Stock...

Vintage Pear Swarovski Crystal Hair Pin...
Of course, the Etsy designer who makes it gets some pear-shaped pins back in stock JUST when I'm literally, completely tapped out of wedding funds. Between the holidays, several winter neph birthdays, wedding crap (did some b-maid gift buying after Christmas) and bi-annual car insurance (which always comes due in December because I'm a dummy,) I've never seen my credit card balance so high, and Pete and I are in the midst of a house hunt, which adds lots of lovely financial pressure...

My hairstylist cousin (who'll craft my look on Nov. 8) says I should just GET IT NOW! But at around $75 after shipping, I'm hesitant.

What should I do? I think I may NEED this thing to walk down the aisle. It's calling my name. And I KNOW I won't find anything more perfect. The designer's made only 4... so I need to decide quick... ugh.

In other news, crap generally sucks around here, and with luck we'll make a big move soon! Happy 2013 aka THE YEAR WE GET MARRIED!! xo

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I don't even drink, but I just found THIS and instantly decided I NEED it at my shower:

Mimosa Bar
Three different types of fruit, four different juices.... and alongside the bubbly, we can have seltzer water for us virgin-types!

Did you have a brunch shower? Do you think this is a great idea, or a recipe for a berry-stained tablecloth and spills??

Friday, November 23, 2012

New Home!

.... But unfortunately, not THIS kind:
Beautiful Cinnaminson Harbour Town Homes. #WANT.
I'm still totally freeloading off my parents and sleeping in my childhood bedroom. But I DO have a new online home. One with more than three readers!

Check me out!
I'm trying to maintain both spaces for now... good thing I only post once a century. But if you're curious about life as a Townie, or anxiety about moving away from the only neighborhood you've ever called home, take a look!

Meanwhile, Happy Turkey!! #gobblegobble

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Fiance Rocks Because...

Pete and I just enjoyed a glorious 4-day weekend and we actually accomplished quite a bit with our time! We finally connected with the Priest who's doing our wedding Mass (good news: he's available!), had our engagement photos taken (proofs to come this week!) and relished some MUCH needed time away from our jobs and with each other. 'Twas awesome.

And because I had a shiny new, still-in-plastic Glamour Magazine to crack into (and because it was so unseasonably warm this weekend,) I actually accompanied Pete to his soccer game. And for me, "watching Pete's game" looks like THIS:
Ah, yes.
Anywhoodles, December's Glamour featured a personal essay from author Danzy Senna entitled "Should You Be Dating a Macho Man?" Ignore the embarrassing title for a sec and bear with me. Behold THIS quote:

"Perhaps there are qualities of the old-fashioned manly-man to be salvaged. Chivalry, courage, strength, generosity, protectiveness and decisiveness."

Basically sums up my man in one clean little package. I read Glamour for fun, but this story struck a serious chord. And after a string of Negative Nancy posts, I thought it might be fun to list some of the reasons why My Fiance Rocks. I'm lucky and blessed beyond (way beyond) my wildest dreams. And with my "old-fashioned manly man" by my side, I'll never have to squish a bug, open a door, carry heavy grocery bags, fill my own gas tank (hate that!) or go downstairs when we hear a noise at 3am. #SeriouslySoLucky

Moving forward, I plan to TRY MY BEST to stop focusing on all the annoying  things wedding planning brings. After all, I'm engaged and I never have to squish a bug! #LifeIsGood!

Ahhh... I feel better. Do you ever find yourself spiraling into negativity? I certainly do. How do you break the cycle and focus on the positive? And back to Glamour, are you more attracted to artsy-sensitive types? If so, I'd HIGHLY recommend dating an old-fashioned dude. It's the best. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Do or I Don't: Shopping SOLO

Welcome to my new blog series, where I ask, "I Do or I Don't?" re: some long-standing traditions. Today I ask, can I go solo-shopping for my bridal gown?

  • Quiet
  • Clear mind
  • No one's opinions but my own
  • No stress migraines from organizing / coordinating everyone and feeling the need to overcompensate / make excuses when certain people make me uncomfortable (biggest pro so far!)
  • No expectations for people to actually care about this shopping trip (when clearly they'd rather be talking about other crap.)
  • No disappointment when people inevitably act flip and break my heart while I stand there in an ugly sample, "alone in my principles."

  • Despite the fact that it will be akin to pulling teeth to get everyone to actually come together and pay attention/care/focus on something other than themselves for an afternoon (NO ONE will make it easy!) everyone will still somehow hate me for going alone.
  • And.... that's it! All I can think of...Did I just answer my own question?

I can't seem to stop hurting peoples' feelings during the planning process, despite my best efforts to keep every. single. person. in mind when making every decision. It's actually starting to hurt MY feelings... and I'm the frickin BRIDE! So maybe I'll just say EFF IT and buy my own damn gown. Alone.

So, I DO or I DON'T? Should I shop alone? Did YOU shop alone? I fear I'm damaging my organs with so much Excedrin and Mortin to squelch an unprecedented number of stress-induced migraines... When does this become fun? #FamiliesAreStressful

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"I Will DIE If..." rains for our engagement photos

...if I get a monster breakout the week of our wedding

...if YOU get a monster breakout the week of our wedding

...if I can't find THIS EXACT (sold-out) hair bling before November 8, 2013:
From Etsy. One-of-a-kind and GONE!
And the list continues. I've been catching myself claiming my own death more frequently than usual (not saying it wasn't semi-frequent pre-diamond) and I know I should stop. After all, will I actually croak if any of the above occur? Probably not... no promises, though.

Brides (and people who hate them)-- have you caught a negative/nasty phrase slip into your vernacular? Are you trying to tone it down, or just goin' with it? Others of mine include "I'm gonna kill myself," "I'm gonna kill my mom/my sister/your sister," and--why am I admitting this?--I may sometimes threaten to stab my fiance with whatever utensil I'm holding at the moment...

Over a shared pint of Haagen Dazs (in the most loving way possible, of course):
"I will stab you in the eyeball with my spoon!!"

Ok. That's just not nice. I'm stopping now. Love you, Pete!! *muah*

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Pre-Cana was seriously awesome-sauce. Any Catholic couple who says otherwise is lying, insecure or attending the wrong Church. Pete and I don't cohabit, miss Mass or even use God's name in vain (umm, Pete's "curse words" are dumb and idiot. I think he's so censored since he works with children, ha.) But even if we DID do those things, our host couples (several parish marrieds who led the retreat) never once condemned any behavior--good, bad or otherwise.
Needed at least one photo...
The day wasn't about what NOT do to (use artificial birth control, live together pre-ceremony, etc.) but instead was all about love, openness and arming ourselves with tools to peacefully tackle marital toughies, from finances to family.... with lots of faith peppered throughout.

Maybe I've been on more religious retreats than the average person. I attended First Dennis for years with the whole extended crew. I attended, then directed then lived The Fourth, and recently Pete and I trekked up to St. Francis House in Rancocas with my Deacon/Godfather/Officiant for a night of prayer and reflection about married life. I'm more than comfortable in a "retreat" setting, so it felt totally natural and not a drop forced. I understand why a non-practicing/apathetic couple may feel bogus or out of place... but our host couples made the day so fun!

Amidst large group discussions, smaller "breakout sessions" and time for just Pete and me together, we played ice breakers (legit. fun,) snacked and drank and even discovered some familiar faces in our group. After nine intense hours (which included Sat. evening Mass,) we left with a huge packet full of helpful paperwork, a cert. of completion from our diocese and the Wawa GC we won playing the Newlywed Game, ha!

Recently, life has been chaotic, upsetting and confusing. Our Pre-Cana experience couldn't have come at a better time. We want to do it again! If you were originally dreading it... don't! ZOMG I just penned a novel... ah! #sorry

Saturday, October 20, 2012


It's 7am on a Saturday and Pete and I need to be at church by 8. Still not showered or breakfasted but nonetheless wanted to hop on with a quick update. I've read a lot of Catholic couples dread Pre-Cana... but I'm actually looking forward to it! Mainly because I know I'll kick Pete's butt on all the questions. You see, I'm a product of our town's Catholic school, while my handsome fiance attended CMS/CHS.

Pete's a sharply competitive super-jock and truthfully, is better at most things (math, common sense, career, kind heartedness, life in general) than me. But not Church! Church, I can win!! #Finally

Besides, we attend weekly Mass and aren't breaking a single one of the Catholic rules so I'm confident we'll be ace pupils. I'll keep you posted!
Catholic Rules. Lots of em'.

Catholic brides... did you have a positive Pre-Cana experience? Or did you leave feeling like a sinner? Ah...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Diamond Insanity...

Or how rocking a big rock is turning me into insano-crazy-spend-money-lady. I've been a shopper / beauty junkie my WHOLE life, but always with an eye towards a bargain...

Until I became engaged and suddenly felt the NEED for insaan treatments like this:

Upwards of $200 after a trip to the eye doc, etc.
In-office only. Nearly $1000!
Thankfully, in addition to my diamond rock, I also have a fiance rock with a head so practical he just about balances my insanity. Thanks to his smart advice, I've settled on the following. FOR NOW:

Favorite mascara of the moment. Budget-friendly, too!

Spendy lash curler. Worth it.
White Rinse

Old-school strips. $25.
I also dialed back my engagement dress budget after being so disappointed with my original pick from Ann Taylor. I've accepted that fact that H&M and F21 just fit better for the time being, so I settled for an adorable little $29 cobalt blue number for our photos. It's more "me" anyway...

As for my budget beauty picks... my lashes are just OK (not outstanding) and my teeth will only be kind-of-white (not blindingly so) but I'll take one for the team and spend those spare few hundred dollars on decorating our yet-to-be-purchased home... I tell myself that and instantly feel better!

Ladies... have you tried Latisse? Is it worth it? I'm dropping the issue for now (Pete says I have enough eye issues and shouldn't press my luck) but may revisit the treatment before next fall! Did you take any drastic and spendy beauty-related risks prior to I Do? Do tell!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skinny Girls Need Love Too

I know I might get some shade for this post... and I'm fully prepared to take my lumps... but I need to get this out...

I'm petite and can't find an age-appropriate engagement photo dress!!!!! I feel like the textile industry (and world in general) is against me!!!!! When a size 00P seems to be cut on a refrigerator figure, the problem isn't my body... it's the industry!

And I'm tired of everyone blaming my body. Truthfully, it's no less hurtful than calling a full-figured woman "fat" or saying "Oh that size 22 is too tight? Loose some weight, then!!" Because I encounter the opposite--literally--everyday.

"That dress doesn't fit you because you're too damn skinny! Go eat some Ben and Jerry's with butter sauce and stop complaining!"


"You'd be able to find grown-up clothes if you weren't built like a toddler!"

What was that you heard flying out the window? Just my self-esteem and confidence as a grown woman. NBD.

I ordered this lovely Ann Taylor number thinking it would be PERFECTO for our outdoor, early-November photographs. But the 00 was more like a size 10 and I wasted $8.95 on shipping charges and gas money returning it to the store.
So pretty. So disappointing.
I don't want to shop Juniors (F21 and Old Navy are out, much as I love them) for my engagement photo, rehearsal dinner and shower looks. I'm 26. I have a career (sort-of. That I hate.) A fiance. A high-interest savings account! WHY THE F can't I find big girl clothes, too?


Any suggestions for sophisticated, well-made looks for small women? I'm even willing to spend money this time!! We're having our photos taken in exactly one month and I can't go nekkid. And more importantly, what's with the body weight double-standard? Thoughts? xo

Monday, October 1, 2012


Verb: Attending a FREE open house at the Camden Adventure Aquarium just for the awesome tour and free booze / noshes. When your venue is already booked.

Freaks me the F out...

Pretty, but "big water" is terrifying...
Chalking this one up to that whole "trying to enjoy our engagement" thing... We'll only do this once, right?!

Should I be embarrassed about this? Oh well, don't care... too busy going to the Aquarium fo' free! xo


Saturday, September 29, 2012


I'm in a pissy mood today thanks to a few work issues (sidenote: are you a nurse? A teacher? A janitor? Do you like it? How do I become that? Please share!) and ya know what's contributing to my agitated, irritated state of mind?...

Bridal mags TELLING me I NEED to look/act/feel like this:
Strapless-clad happiness.
And register for THIS:
Engaged? Martha Stewart or BUST!
Or else my wedding day, marriage, husband and life in general will be cheap, sucky, ruined, and not worth living...

Honestly, I wish I could just wear THIS:
Ralph Lauren from Macy's
And call it a day. Sadly, it only comes in black and my bridesmaids/minions/slaves/bid-doers (all synonymous, right?) already called dibs. Oh, yeah, we chose BM dresses this week, too... but I'm too pissy to talk about it.

Ever have a day/week/month where you just HATE EVERYTHING?? What caused it? Your boss? Your family? The weather? How do you get over it? xo

Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Being Enfianced

I recently attended a family member's wedding in Far Away Pennsylvania. The bride was 30, has been with her groom since high school, and post-ring, pulled her Big Day together in nine months. I totally understand why they didn't need a long engagement... they were living together for years before he finally popped the question!
HURRY! Your wedding is coming!!
From Engagement Day (July 31) until our wedding, Pete and I will have been enfianced for 16 months, and even with so much time, I still panic when I look at the calendar and realize how quickly 11/8/13 is already approaching! But hearing about couples engaged less than a year makes me grateful Pete and I are taking our time in comparison...

Being engaged is seriously cool-beans. I dig it. And it's fleeting. I was Pete's girlfriend for nearly four and half years. I'll (hopefully!) be his wife until Death Do Us Part (and beyond, if you're Catholic!) But I only get to be his fiancee for a measly 16 months... a nearly-undetectable sliver on our relationship timeline.

As stressful and harried as this time seems (have I mentioned we need to squeeze in house-hunting and buying before I Do?) I'm cognizant of the fact I should treasure and remember it. I'm trying to take my time making decisions, let ideas marinate before writing checks, and take mental notes along the way.

After all, this baby should fully enjoy its solo-time on my finger before I permanently add a second blinged-out band, right?
Yes, I think so, too...
Married gals: do you feel like you raced through your engagement to get to your Big Day? Any tips on how to NOT do that? xo

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Oh, You Don't Want That..."

Oh, I don't? Thank you for reading my mind, generic jeweler / banquet manager / dress consultant / random person I've never met asking about MY wedding... Glad you know my tastes so well!

My feelings about wedding industry peddlers
Although, I shouldn't be surprised when I hear it anymore. It began when Pete and I started ring shopping:

Sleazy jeweler: Any idea what you're looking for?
Me: Yes. Exactly. A one-carat pear set in a halo with diamonds on the band, too.
SJ: Oh, you don't want that. It's so old-fashioned looking! Why don't you try a round or a princess? They're much more popular right now.
M: Bye!

And then again when we were venue shopping:

Banquet Manager: What time is your reception?
Me: Late night. 8pm to 1am. We're having a 6:30 Mass.
BM: Oh you don't want that! Your guests will leave early, if they come at all! Why don't you consider a 4pm ceremony and a more-normal 5 to 10pm reception?
M: Bye!

And don't get me started on my dress. Rando acquaintances and strangers visibly grimace when they learn I want sleeves. Apparently, I'm a dodo bird who doesn't know any better and NEED strangers to tell me I'll "be so hot," "uncomfortable," and that I'll surely "regret that decision during my reception."

Umm...? I'm starting to consider taking my head and slotting it into every identical photograph in Brides... just so folks will STFU and leave me alone about my preferences. The good news is that so far, I've won every battle, despite the fact that I'm apparently planning the stupidest wedding of all time, according to outsiders. Although it's still early in the process...

Brides... ya feel me? Has anyone else encountered straight-disgust (or maybe, just uninvited [and wrong] opinions) throughout the planning process? I HATE when people say "Oh, you don't want that." It's SO RUDE! Am I overreacting? Are sleeves really THAT poor an idea? I can't imagine so...

Saturday, September 15, 2012


It's worse than I imagined. Way worse. Oh, so way worse. Made the MISTAKE of wandering into the Alfred Angelo Boutique in Cherry Hill in the name of "research" and was nearly blinded by a vast sea of UGLY. And trust me when I say, I really can't afford to sacrifice even a sliver of the precious sight I have left... BEHOLD:

Bridesmaids dresses inspired by a Disney Princess "Enchanted Ball:"

A Twilight-inspired "Vampire" BM Collection:
And oh yes, even wedding gowns ripped right from the Disney vault:
Is this real?

I would have run screaming... if I thought any of the snobby associates would even notice. Did I mention NOT ONE employee (and there were many, it was a busy Friday night) even asked if they could help? If I was engaged? If I needed anything? Acknowledged that a potential customer even walked in? SO RUDE!

Then again, I'd probably turn jaded, sour and nasty pretty quickly if I had to work in an EXPLOSION OF UGLY!!

Needless to say, I won't be returning, and I'm glad I went alone and not with the Women I Love Who Aren't Maids at All! I'd be extra-pissed if they treated them that way... Although... I may take my MOH/sis back for a laugh and to make a scene... or for comedic inspiration.

Guys. Apologies if your gown came from Alfred Angelo... and no offense, but... WHY?! Where can I find a flattering, elegant, simple gown with sleeves? And where can I find BM dresses that aren't so.... BM-y? Should I just get over it? BM Katie told me last night, "Kath... we're FRICKIN bridesmaids! We're gonna look like BRIDESMAIDS!" She's right I guess... HELP!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weddingz R Us!

You know what I'm talking about... those enormous, marble-and-granite-encrusted banquet facilities peppered throughout South Jersey that stamp out up to six receptions at a crack. I call them Wedding Factories... Weddingz R Us, if you will. Me no likey them.

Or at least I thought I didn't.

Finding a venue has been annoying... so it may just be the boredom and fatigue talking, but we recently toured one particularly popular, particularly pricey local Wedding Factory... And I didn't hate it! Bonus: it wasn't totally budget-busting for our late-Friday night par-tay. It's currently a contender, which made Pete and I all:

No deposits have been made, and no contracts have been signed. I'm still not sold on The Sparkling Crystal Bridal Suite and the Grande Hallway. They feel contrived and so un-us. But I'm slowly learning that getting married isn't completely about us. Families and loved ones are also involved, and we actually have to feed and accommodate them. And Wedding Factories make that so much easier!! They take care of every detail! All I need to worry about is showing up and having a cheesy portrait taken in the Grande Hallway... ugh...

Pete and I still dig the idea of a restaurant reception, and we have a few additional spots to scope in the next few weeks. But I'd love some feedback... Did you get married at Weddingz R Us? Was it worth it? Have you ever been to a restaurant reception? What did you think?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Don't Have a Venue...

But I know what OPI I'll sport down the aisle 14 months from now... HINT: It's not pink, white, sheer or French-tipped...

OPI Bastille My Heart
It's a borderline-maroon crimson shade laced with *just* the right amount of shimmer called Bastille My Heart. Debuted with the French Collection circa 2008. Poignant not only for its romantic name, but also because it hit shelves the same year Pete and I began dating. Ah, 2008...

But really, I just love the color. It's classic, flattering and perfect for late-fall. It's also discontinued and my bottle is half-empty. I plan to CONSERVE the precious potion until November 2013, when my hands, complete with a shiny new (hopefully blinged-out) wedding band, will become the Brangelina to my not-yet-hired photographer's paparazzi-like clicks.

If we HAVE to be photographed on our wedding day (and I'm told we do,) at least my all-time favorite red lacquer will be captured for prosperity.. Priorities, people!

What do you think of my non-traditional (yet still timeless!) color choice? Do you like French manicures? Would you dare to do your own nails for your Big Day? I plan to... xo

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Never Wanted Bridesmaids!

Or a wedding. Or a husband. So you can imagine my internal conflict when faced with having to choose/plan/marry all these things. My conflict-solution strategy is simple: keep things small, focus on what's important (our Sacramental Marriage,) and try to AVOID the term "bridesmaids" at all costs.

I don't need (nor want) a "maid," and I'd never want to make the women I love most feel like one! Shocking as this sounds coming from a bride-to-be, I'm more than capable of buckling my own shoes, primping my own face, brushing my own teeth--and even using the restroom solo on my wedding day. So, there go those duties... Gross.

Problem is, I'm a word person and still haven't crafted a better term for the tripod (yes, only 3) who'll stand beside me on November 8, 2013. "Women I Love Who Aren't Maids at All" doesn't quite flow from the tongue. I know "My Girls" and "My Ladies" are popular among wedding bloggers, but I'm not a plantation owner circa 1750 and I don't remember purchasing my sister and two best friends. I'm currently taking suggestions for a better word! #help!

Semantics aside, I wanted to let each woman know I honestly and truly wanted her in our wedding, and wasn't just trying to stack my side with bodies. I'm not crafty, but I made these:
Personalized Pedicure Kits!

Finished product
Using a few dollars and these handy tools:
Wiggly scissors, regular scissors, hole puncher, ribbon and Microsoft Word. word.
Of course, I picked out a NEW! fall OPI Germany color for each girl, and here's how I personalized them:

OMG that word! For lack of time to compose a better term this week, I had to default. Last time I do that!!
The Women I Love Who Aren't Maids at All really appreciated my little personalized prezzies (I hope!) and I felt good knowing I made them feel special and loved. And I have a feeling this won't be OPI's last appearance before next fall. #NailPolishShower anyone? What do you think of my little craft project? I was pretty impressed!

Disclaimer: Through what I'm sure will become a flurry of wedding-related posts here, please keep in mind that as a child, I wanted 2 things: a dog and a townhouse. Pete ruined my lifeplan! xo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

You Like Me!

I haven't posted in over a month--and that bums me out in a big way. Between work stress and a few big changes in my personal life (some good, some... medium [NOT bad!]) my creative juices haven't exactly been flowing. Not even THIS galvanized me to compose a few witty thoughts on my woefully neglected space:
So... this happened...
UNTIL! I received an anonymous tip a complete stranger stumbled upon my blog, read it... and liked it! That's it... if I can't muster the creativity and time it takes to maintain this thing for me.... I'll do it for MY FANS!! haha...

Anywhoodles, if people besides my dad (and occasionally, my dude) are checking me out, maybe I'll start sharing some actual useful information (totally missed a blog op on last week's Ann Taylor Friends & Family sale... and yes, I finally bought my Perfect Pumps. In black and gold.)

So stay tuned for SALE alerts, shopping tips, plenty of thrifty alternatives to Princess Kate-inspired looks... and maybe even a tiny glimpse into my non-wedding-y-wedding. Hint: there will be NO strapless gown, NO 20-person bridal party, NO name-changing and DEFINITELY NO up-the-leg-garter-fetching... Ah, I smell a few battles in my future...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!!!

This morning, I celebrated by working (yes, indeed) in our nation's first Capital. I spent the wee hours in the shadow of the Philadelphia skyline at CBS3/CWPhilly studios right in the heart of the city. Figured that was commemoration enough for the day. I wore a fab sundress with even fab-er wedges,** and now I'm back in my PJs gearing up for a glorious (rest of the) day off...

BUT! Should my man decide to surprise me with a fun night out (dear GOD not fireworks...HATE those!) here's what I'm wearing:
MIA Renegade Wedge.
Technically, these are black (not navy) but I think the red and white compensate just fine. God bless America!! Do you have any fun and fashionable Fourth plans?

**The shoes I wore to work today are attached to a funny/borderline-psychotic story that may or may not have involved me begging my out-of-town sister to go on a rouge mission... She did not. I prevailed nonetheless...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

"I Hate My Life..."

And Other Things You'll Say on a Daily Basis...

When I finally write a book (my new goal to reach before I turn 30, BTW, since that whole "get engaged" checkbox seems to move further out of reach each day my boyfriend's feet remain permanently planted in Too Comfortable Land,) I think that will be the title.

It'll be a guidebook, of sorts, for college students (humanities and liberal arts majors, mostly) with NO CLUE what the "real world" has in store, and the chapter breakdown will go something like this:

I. "Kill Myself"
II. "Why Didn't I Major in Engineering?"
III. "Oh, You're a 21-Year-Old Computer Scientist with a $10,000 Signing Bonus? I Hate You, Too."

And so on...

My follow-up will be a Dress for Success guide for communication/public relations/journalism majors who MUST look FAB 24/7 as a job requirement, but whose starting salaries will likely be aligned with those of burger flippers and fry cooks. It can be done!


**Disclaimer... LOVE my job, just having a cranky-pants, difficult, thankless week... And because no post is complete without at least ONE photo, look at these awesome maxis I bought online Friday night to serve as fashionable salve on my wounded ego after a string of tough days:

Super cute, right??

Monday, June 4, 2012

EBT Cards* at Trader Joe's...

WHY is this allowed?! Seriously, why? I'd really like to know. Anyone wanna take this one?? Would love any insight in the comments...

Today's horrific series of events began with a terrible night's sleep and a fever/sore throat around midnight Monday, and ended with a giant WTF at the Trader Joe's register. Don't even ask about what happened in between. #SERIOUSCaseOfTheMondays!

Back to regularly-scheduled blogging, I think I'm digging these Mix No. 6 wedges from DSW. Yay or nay? On clearance for like, 30 bucks in-store. Now, if DSW starts accepting government-funded benefit cards, I may need to drag a spike stiletto across my jugular...
Too high? I can't decide...
*And can we please stop with the "EBT" bull-honkey? Shit's FOOD STAMPS. And food stamps are for needy families trying to get back on their feet and feed their kid(s.) NOT for greasy-haired, American Apparel-wearing, organic-cantaloupe-eating, government-money-sucking Trader Joe's shoppers...

Clearly my mind is a bit scattered today... Ugh!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Thee to Thy Nearest H&M...

And purchase THIS dress in all three colors:
H&M's ultra-descriptive "Dress." $35.
Despite this frock's ambiguous style name, I'm telling you--it's figure-flattering perfection. A recent happy accident found me at the mall last weekend frantically searching for a Plan B outfit for my Godson's Christening the following morning. I stumbled upon this little number in vibrant teal, wore it immediately, then went back the next night to grab it in white. It's also available in this whisper-light pink. L-O-V-E.

Since I'd rather pluck my toenails from their cuticles than have my photograph taken, check out this paparazzi side shot:
Hiding behind "The Godfather"
This dress encompasses everything I look for in an ensemble... Sleeves, modesty, a snug, clean fit (no flow-y, ruffly bits, please) and a decidedly Princess Kate vibe. Oh, and until May 27, you can get 35% off any full-priced item with THIS coupon, which brings your grand total to $23. You're welcome.

And in case you're wondering, I completed this look with my old-faithful, worn-to-death Nine West nude pumps. Partly because I love them despite many, many nicks, scuffs and scratches....but mostly because I lost my Ann Taylor e-Bay auction. #boo.

In other news... it's MDW!!! And I have a blissful 4 days ahead!! And I haven't decided whether or not to torture Pete and drag him summer-clothes shopping... Any fun and fashionable plans?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

That Time I Bid on E-bay...

Have you ever successfully bid on e-bay without losing your identity to a Middle Eastern scammer? If so, please share your story below, because I *just* placed my first-ever bid, and now my imagination is getting the best of me...

To calm my nerves, give me a moment to enter my Happy Place, where the road is paved with supple leather Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps:
Hello, perfect shoe...
This style is dubbed "Perfect" for a reason, and while I've read about (and wanted) them for years, I could never bring myself to fork over $155 for a simple pair of black heels. I can easily, however, part with a measly $40, right? And that's exactly what I bid this morning--I'm currently in the lead!!

Four days stand between me and auction's end. Ah, wish me luck! And most importantly, here's hoping I don't get seriously scammed in the name of bargain hunting! #FingersCrossed...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blog Silence...

I hate it! I like blogging, and I miss it! It's Saturday morning, and before I begin my veritable laundry list of TO DOs, I figured I'd pop in to share a recent, Kate Middleton-inspired look I put together for the neph's Christening a few weeks ago...

Best I can do. I hate photos.
I paid $17 for that lace frock at F21 and I LUUURRVE it. Doesn't it SO remind you of Duchess Catherine's navy lace Erdem? Oh, you don't mentally file ALL of KM's looks? Maybe that's just me. Let me refresh your memory:
2011 Canada Tour
Ugh. STILL one of my all-time fave looks from her. I admit I completely copied it and I don't care. What do you think of this look? Was my low (LOW!)-end rip-off a good bargain? I KNOW I'm not the only gal modeling my closet after ZE PRINCESS! Right?!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

White Pants...

Ugh. Ok. Before I explain, you should know I have a STRICT no-colored-pants policy. Dark (DAAARK) denim is OK. Black is better. It ends there. The Spring/Summer 2012 colored skinny trend sure is cute, but SO NOT for me. And as much as I'd love to rock a coral or cobalt jean, I just know I'd look dumpy, frumpy and SHORT! Trust me on this. I've had way too many fitting room freak-outs to ever venture there again.

UNTIL this week when a work friend (who is just about the most adorable thing on two feet, mind you) worked a white jean/black top combo and looked unimaginably chic. And she's petite, too! If she can pull it off, I'm convinced I can, too! Now...where to find the perfect white pant for my midget proportions? Back to the fashion drawing board...

These. On a budget. Any suggestions?
And the fashion wishlist grows.... Do YOU wear white jeans? Where did you find your fave pair? And most importantly, do you spill on them? I have a feeling mine will be speckled with pen, coffee, yogurt, etc. by day's end... #advice?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

WANTED: Spring Wishlist

HELP! I MUST HAVE the following items for Spring, and can't find them anywhere. Problematic, since I'M the go-to, all-knowing shopping wizard in my circle.  *meekly waves white flag*

Below, my online plea for the perfectly-fitting, perfectly-priced pieces. Have you seen them lately? Bonus points for items under $50 at coupon-happy stores (The Limited, Macy's, etc...)

Sharp black boyfriend blazer. Long enough to cover my bum on those leggings-as-pants days. Slim-cut, relatively lightweight. NOT outerwear. Something like this:

Simple, black (leather or canvas) espadrille wedge pumps. Small platform is OK. Hooker heel is not. Must be comfortable enough for all-day wear. Something like this:
Hi, Idol.
Do these exist?! Can I afford them?! So! Many! Questions! LE SIGH!!

What's on your Spring fashion wishlist? xo