Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Since class ended, I feel so uninspired to post, even though I've had plenty fun fashion moments since I last popped in. Christmas was particularly pretty, and my thoughtful, generous parents actually gifted me THIS:
MK Link Necklace. I know. I died, too.
The good news (for my social media contacts, at least) is that now, I can FINALLY STFU about this beautiful bauble on my blog, Twitter and Facebook! Needless to say, this gorgeous piece of reflective gold eye candy hasn't spent much time away from my neck in the past seven days. MK love is true love.

Oh, and my awesome sis* totally surprised me with THESE:
Madden lace pumps. SO ME!
You guys. The heel is so high that I can almost stare Pete straight in the eye, which seriously helps my unrelenting need to BE THE BOSS ALL THE TIME! Dude. Height helps. Muahaha!

Despite all my new pretties, I've been feeling super "blah" this holiday season, and I can't say I'm even the slightest bit sad to see 2011 (yet another year full of employment disappointment) quietly enter the history books. Maybe 2012 will be better, maybe it won't (but DEAR GOD, please let it be better!) but all I can do in the meantime is keep my chin up. And with the help of all my new accessories, I think I can at least manage that, right? :)

Anywhoodles, I hope you all have a safe and blessed New Year's Eve and Day. Don't forget to wear plenty of sequins and glitter. I'll be down the shore donning yoga pants and a hoodie, but you better believe my nails and eyes will be BLINGED OUT for the occasion, thankyouverymuch.

Does anyone have anything exciting coming up in 2012 (fashion, beauty or otherwise?) I'm anticipating the March arrival of my first Godchild! I'd love to hear about it! xo

*Editor's note: Yes, my sister is famous. If you're in the NYC area, go see her! xo

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

School's Out for WINTER! And other blog dilemmas.

Yesterday was our last class of the semester. In lieu of a final exam, we were tasked to conceptualize and create an entire collection of six different looks. From inspiration board, to original color palate to completed outfits. It was actually a pretty lengthy undertaking that required both critical (production and labor costs) as well as creative (hello, color palates?) thinking.

Our teacher prefered that we illustrate our outfits, but since I'm a dumb-dumb with the art, I actually styled six different looks from my own closet and pretended they were groundbreaking new ideas. Luckily, my wardrobe largely consists of two separate color families: black and neutral. Woot! Since I was using pieces that I already loved, I found myself pretty invested in my final product. How could retailers NOT want these looks in their windows? I wound up having a lot of fun with it. I'll spare you the photos of my finished project. You can thank me later.

Anywhoodles, I got an A. For the final and for the class. Overall, I'm happy I took a course at BCC but I'm not convinced it was completely worth it. Well, maybe it was. The NYC trip was a lot of fun, and really informative. And getting to meet Lisa (the teacher) was definitely a good thing. She's a fellow freelancer (except her work is a LOT more fun and exciting than mine. She designs front windows for clothing and furniture companies, and runs her own creative business. I churn out bland, keyword-loaded copy about why you should earn your MBA. Wait, maybe I should earn my MBA....I digress.) Regardless, if she ever hears about a great copywriting gig, she knows who to call! And she's seriously connected to the fashion/beauty world. Score!
Macy's window display. Lisa styles these. Yes, that's actually a paying job.
Now my dilemma...what to rename my blog? Fashionably Late for LIFE? I sure feel like I am. I'm stuck with my URL (again, dumb-dumb here) but can create a new heading. I think I'll stick with the same layout for now, since I'm just getting the hang of Gadgets or Widgets or whatever the H those sidebar things are, so I'll just go with it. Any suggestions? xo

Saturday, December 17, 2011

CVS Beauty Clearance. Let's Discuss.

I'm not the world's biggest fan of the harried holiday season for many reasons. One of the biggies is that no one has any spare time to focus on non-Christmas-related tasks, like maintaining a social media presence. Or posting witty, fashion-y blog entries. I couldn't let my poor little blog go silent for too long, so I'm popping in (on day 17, just in time to break my streak) with a bunch of valuable information for my fellow bargain beauty junkies.

Before I dive into the amazingness that is the CVS Beauty Clearance, I need to first acknowledge G over at Nouveau Cheap. Her blog is a shining example of what a great online resource should be. She's entertaining, informative and sweet. And she jam-packs her entries with helpful tips and photos. And she actually replies to Tweets and comments! Anywhoodles, if I never found Nouveau Cheap, I'd never know about the best-kept-secret of the drugstore world: ZE CLEARANCE!!!

To keep things brief, I'll just say that this week, I was able to score approximately ten million dollars worth of foundation, blush, Revlon lipstick (my fave!) and mascara for less than one penny. And if you're a CVS Beauty Club member, there's a 25% off coupon floating around to make things even better.

G's got the Master List, where she's diligently tracked every single clearance sighting, so GO THERE NOW and start planning your haul!! xo

PS: Don't forget that I'm finally learning how to use PINTEREST! If you want in, I'd be happy to shoot you an invite! Get on there and start following! :)