Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Footwear Fail

I'm the first one to admit I've been a life-long Slave to Fashion. I've been known to teeter my way through work events on 4-inch heels (partly because they were "dress code" and partly because I barely crest five feet and need to somehow command a smidgen of respect. Haha. Respect.) I digress...
A tad extreme, but you get the idea...
I typically dress in classic and clean lines with an unexpected twist. I adore a simple black sheath with a banger of a bauble (translation: a gigantic, obnoxious bracelet or necklace) or a simple pencil skirt with a crazy, out-there shoe. I like to keep my clothes classic and wear trends on my appendages. Because of my own personal dressing doctrine, I can usually get behind whatever new footwear trend comes down the fashionable pipeline. Insane platforms? Love. Inverted heels? Amazing. Menswear? I die for it. See my previous post about my 3-year old loafers getting a second chance at life for proof.
Hello, Calvin Klein. I love you.
Hello, GIGANTIC turquoise cuff. You will be perfection with the above CK sheath.
But Brogues? I can't. And it's kind of breaking my heart because my personal Bible, Glamour, is telling me that the saddle-shoe like trend will be THE footwear frenzy for winter, and into spring. Take a look at the hideousness and tell me if you agree:


And yuck.
This uber-masculine trend only belongs on Mr. Rogers and certainly not savvy, fashionable women. I can't think of a single ensemble that would work with these. Maybe it's because I went to Catholic school, and can't shake the memory of my childhood saddle shoes. Or maybe it's just because I have functioning eyeballs and can plainly see these are terrible.

Anywhoodles, apologies to anyone who might be digging the Brogue trend. But I won't be partaking in this fashion frenzy this season. Blech. I'd love to know what you think! xo

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fashionable Thanks

Happy belated Thanksgiving! The turkey of a holiday was two days ago, and now I feel even more sloppy and gluttonous for waiting so long to put my thanks on paper. Last week was quite hectic, so I'm citing a cramped schedule as a valid reason for the long posting pause. Anywhoodles, here's what this novice blogger is thanking her lucky stars for this year, in no particular order:

1. Obligatory family thanks:
Personal photo
I'm thankful for my ten "Boylan" cousins, who all still keep in touch on the reg. and actually like hanging out. Love you!

2. Boyfriend thanks:
See the resemblance?
In attempt to avoid embarrassing my shy guy with a solo shot, I've added a photo of his FAAAVORITE THIIIING!!! As we round the 4-year mark, I realize more each day how blessed I am to have found him. Even if I *am* forced to put my life on hold every four years for the World Cup. Love you, too! :)

3. Revlon thanks:
Revlon's latest lippie will--not exaggerating--change your life. Believe the blog hype, beauty junkies! Amazing color range, buildable pigmentation and ultra-moisturizing, balm-like gel texture will save your pout this winter. KC must-have.

4. Kors thanks:
I've been drooling over this particular MK bracelet for months. Right now, no-can-afford. But I'm still thankful that visionaries like Michael Kors exist in this world to give broke, freelancing fashionistas like me plenty of inspirational eye candy!

5. Sale thanks:

Yes, please!
As we enter the holiday season, I'm becoming even more thankful for Old Navy, New York & Co. and Macy's for offering steals to shoppers who aren't willing to stand in line at 9PM Thanksgiving night. Among many others, these retailers are running amazing clearances and coupons straight through the new year. Stock up on great gifts, and still have plenty of room in the budget for a few stylish splurges for yourself! :)

Obviously, we all have hecka blessings, no matter how bad our days might seem. We just need to be willing to peer through the clouds to see how lucky we are. What are *you* thankful for this year, fashion, beauty or otherwise? And nevermind that Thanksgiving happened 2 days ago! xo

Friday, November 18, 2011

ALERT! Do Not Miss This Amazing Sale!

You guys. I almost died when I opened up my e-mail this morning to find THIS:

"Can't wait for our Black Friday blowout?
You don't have to!


for our best customers!

In store only: 5-HOUR DOORBUSTERS!

    •  SATURDAY ONLY, 11/19
       12 PM – 5 PM
75% Off Adult Outerwear!*
    •  SUNDAY ONLY, 11/20
       12 PM – 5 PM
75% Off Adult Sweaters!*

It's all leading up to the BIGGEST SALE of the

Do not adjust your monitors. This is not an early (or late) April Fool's gag. ZOMGZOMG! I'm buying so many puffy coats, I'll be able to sail around the world on a floatation device made entirely out of Old Navy Frost-Free jackets.

And because I was so generous to share this deal with you all, please don't beat me there at noon and buy-out all of these:

Want this. In black!

And this. In teal!

OMG I'm a sucker for in-yo'-face HOT pink. Need.

I can't miss a 75 percent off sale....especially on items I've had my eye on all fall anyway. Oh, did I mention this deal is totally compatible with any Old Navy Cash you might have lying around? I'm definitely getting, like, 200 things for one dollar. Eeee! Happy shopping! xo


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not a Country Music Fan?

Neither am I (necessarily, save for maybe Rascal Flatts' cover of Bless this Broken Road, which I WILL somehow incorporate into my [fake, imaginary, most-likely-never-happening] wedding.)
I'd never get teary over a stupid country song. Clearly, I just chopped 100 juicy onions while simultaneously traipsing through a breezy field of pollen spores and freshly-bloomed cherry blossom trees. God! Darn song.

I digress. This post is about the glitterific fashion that sashayed down the red carpet before Wednesday night's 45th Annual Country Music Awards, so let's get to my Best Dressed, shall we?

KC's Personal Favorite:

Faith Hill in Chado Ralph Rucci

Mrs. Tim McGraw looked elegant, sophisticated and downright angelic in this 3/4-sleeved number. Love the crew neck. Love the sleeves. Love the sheer cutouts on the back. And I'm not just saying that because I played Cry on repeat for 18 straight months in 2005/6 while attempting to recover from an intensely bitter and painful breakup in college...

Ah, who am I trying to fool? I love country music, OK?!? SUE ME! Anywhoodles...

KC's Worst Dressed: It's a TIE!
Sandra Lee in a designer who'll soon be looking for a job...
Just when I didn't think I could possibly hate strapless gowns any more than I already did, Ms. Tablescape wears one that manages to put another nail of hate into the coffin in my head consisting of all the strapless gowns in the world. Nothing personal, Sandy, but next year, try to save Cocktail Time until after you're fully dressed, if you know what I mean... 
Shawna Thompson?
I have no clue who this B is. What I *do* know is that she should have probably remembered to wear a top to the CMAs. Shame...

I left out a few "honorable mentions" because Blogger is giving me a hard time uploading photos tonight, for some reason. Kimberly Williams-Paisley was ravishing in red, while Carrie Underwood (the night's hostess with the mostest) was a champ in her record 10+ wardrobe changes. 

What did you think of the CMAs this year? Do you totally disagree with my picks? Share, below! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go bliss out to my Garth Brooks Pandora station. Totally kidding. Maybe.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Moment of Weakness...

First, behold the supple, buttery soft leather of this Aurdrey Brooke bag from DSW:
Like BUTTAH, I tell you!
The back-story: I had $20 off any purchase of $49 at Le Designer Shoe Warehouse (which happens to be an ahh-mazing coupie!) and couldn't, in my right conscience, let it expire. Happily, I was in the market for a pair of go-with-everything black suede booties with the perfect heel, and went to work bargain-hunting.

To make a long story short, I found my booties. And this bag. I bought both. Here they are, posing for Mama's camera:
I am a single, childless, petless woman and I treat my favorite shoes and accessories like my babies. It's fine. Totally normal.
My message is this: if you have a similar tissue paper resolve when it comes to shopping (especially in the luxe, luscious season that is fall,) enter NO STORES carrying a loaded $20 off coupon.

But man, if you could feel this bag... Squee!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Fashion-Ween!

Lame title. Quick post. Things have been pretty quiet around here, and I feel bad about that. This time of year is always busy for my family, with Halloween coming right on the heels of my mother's Mischief Night birth date. To boot, freelance work kicked into high gear this week (thankfully) and this here blog became woefully neglected. Boo.

Anywhoodles, since I have a metric crap-load (technical term) of web content to churn out before noon tomorrow, I wanted to at least pop in with a photo of what I wore to Mom's fancy-schmancy birthday dinner at Fleming's.

Thanks, Pete, for serving as my official paparazzi.

If the whole Phys. Ed. teacher thing falls through, consider Fashion Photographer as a possible life path!

Can we say OBSESSED with this blue frock? Yes, I think we can. Please, for the love of all that is fabulous, get thee to the nearest Old Navy and scoop up a few of these amazing little solid satin dresses before they're gone. I grabbed blue and black (natch) and have decided that I will wear only these two articles of clothing until Spring thaw. L.O.V.E.

My suede platform penny loafers came from Victoria's Secret in 2007. And guess what? Menswear-inspired footwear is back in a BIG way, and now my tired old loafers look like new again! Woo!

What do you think of this old-new look? Have you found a fabulous fall frock that you want to wear forever? xo