Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Since class ended, I feel so uninspired to post, even though I've had plenty fun fashion moments since I last popped in. Christmas was particularly pretty, and my thoughtful, generous parents actually gifted me THIS:
MK Link Necklace. I know. I died, too.
The good news (for my social media contacts, at least) is that now, I can FINALLY STFU about this beautiful bauble on my blog, Twitter and Facebook! Needless to say, this gorgeous piece of reflective gold eye candy hasn't spent much time away from my neck in the past seven days. MK love is true love.

Oh, and my awesome sis* totally surprised me with THESE:
Madden lace pumps. SO ME!
You guys. The heel is so high that I can almost stare Pete straight in the eye, which seriously helps my unrelenting need to BE THE BOSS ALL THE TIME! Dude. Height helps. Muahaha!

Despite all my new pretties, I've been feeling super "blah" this holiday season, and I can't say I'm even the slightest bit sad to see 2011 (yet another year full of employment disappointment) quietly enter the history books. Maybe 2012 will be better, maybe it won't (but DEAR GOD, please let it be better!) but all I can do in the meantime is keep my chin up. And with the help of all my new accessories, I think I can at least manage that, right? :)

Anywhoodles, I hope you all have a safe and blessed New Year's Eve and Day. Don't forget to wear plenty of sequins and glitter. I'll be down the shore donning yoga pants and a hoodie, but you better believe my nails and eyes will be BLINGED OUT for the occasion, thankyouverymuch.

Does anyone have anything exciting coming up in 2012 (fashion, beauty or otherwise?) I'm anticipating the March arrival of my first Godchild! I'd love to hear about it! xo

*Editor's note: Yes, my sister is famous. If you're in the NYC area, go see her! xo

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

School's Out for WINTER! And other blog dilemmas.

Yesterday was our last class of the semester. In lieu of a final exam, we were tasked to conceptualize and create an entire collection of six different looks. From inspiration board, to original color palate to completed outfits. It was actually a pretty lengthy undertaking that required both critical (production and labor costs) as well as creative (hello, color palates?) thinking.

Our teacher prefered that we illustrate our outfits, but since I'm a dumb-dumb with the art, I actually styled six different looks from my own closet and pretended they were groundbreaking new ideas. Luckily, my wardrobe largely consists of two separate color families: black and neutral. Woot! Since I was using pieces that I already loved, I found myself pretty invested in my final product. How could retailers NOT want these looks in their windows? I wound up having a lot of fun with it. I'll spare you the photos of my finished project. You can thank me later.

Anywhoodles, I got an A. For the final and for the class. Overall, I'm happy I took a course at BCC but I'm not convinced it was completely worth it. Well, maybe it was. The NYC trip was a lot of fun, and really informative. And getting to meet Lisa (the teacher) was definitely a good thing. She's a fellow freelancer (except her work is a LOT more fun and exciting than mine. She designs front windows for clothing and furniture companies, and runs her own creative business. I churn out bland, keyword-loaded copy about why you should earn your MBA. Wait, maybe I should earn my MBA....I digress.) Regardless, if she ever hears about a great copywriting gig, she knows who to call! And she's seriously connected to the fashion/beauty world. Score!
Macy's window display. Lisa styles these. Yes, that's actually a paying job.
Now my dilemma...what to rename my blog? Fashionably Late for LIFE? I sure feel like I am. I'm stuck with my URL (again, dumb-dumb here) but can create a new heading. I think I'll stick with the same layout for now, since I'm just getting the hang of Gadgets or Widgets or whatever the H those sidebar things are, so I'll just go with it. Any suggestions? xo

Saturday, December 17, 2011

CVS Beauty Clearance. Let's Discuss.

I'm not the world's biggest fan of the harried holiday season for many reasons. One of the biggies is that no one has any spare time to focus on non-Christmas-related tasks, like maintaining a social media presence. Or posting witty, fashion-y blog entries. I couldn't let my poor little blog go silent for too long, so I'm popping in (on day 17, just in time to break my streak) with a bunch of valuable information for my fellow bargain beauty junkies.

Before I dive into the amazingness that is the CVS Beauty Clearance, I need to first acknowledge G over at Nouveau Cheap. Her blog is a shining example of what a great online resource should be. She's entertaining, informative and sweet. And she jam-packs her entries with helpful tips and photos. And she actually replies to Tweets and comments! Anywhoodles, if I never found Nouveau Cheap, I'd never know about the best-kept-secret of the drugstore world: ZE CLEARANCE!!!

To keep things brief, I'll just say that this week, I was able to score approximately ten million dollars worth of foundation, blush, Revlon lipstick (my fave!) and mascara for less than one penny. And if you're a CVS Beauty Club member, there's a 25% off coupon floating around to make things even better.

G's got the Master List, where she's diligently tracked every single clearance sighting, so GO THERE NOW and start planning your haul!! xo

PS: Don't forget that I'm finally learning how to use PINTEREST! If you want in, I'd be happy to shoot you an invite! Get on there and start following! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Footwear Fail

I'm the first one to admit I've been a life-long Slave to Fashion. I've been known to teeter my way through work events on 4-inch heels (partly because they were "dress code" and partly because I barely crest five feet and need to somehow command a smidgen of respect. Haha. Respect.) I digress...
A tad extreme, but you get the idea...
I typically dress in classic and clean lines with an unexpected twist. I adore a simple black sheath with a banger of a bauble (translation: a gigantic, obnoxious bracelet or necklace) or a simple pencil skirt with a crazy, out-there shoe. I like to keep my clothes classic and wear trends on my appendages. Because of my own personal dressing doctrine, I can usually get behind whatever new footwear trend comes down the fashionable pipeline. Insane platforms? Love. Inverted heels? Amazing. Menswear? I die for it. See my previous post about my 3-year old loafers getting a second chance at life for proof.
Hello, Calvin Klein. I love you.
Hello, GIGANTIC turquoise cuff. You will be perfection with the above CK sheath.
But Brogues? I can't. And it's kind of breaking my heart because my personal Bible, Glamour, is telling me that the saddle-shoe like trend will be THE footwear frenzy for winter, and into spring. Take a look at the hideousness and tell me if you agree:


And yuck.
This uber-masculine trend only belongs on Mr. Rogers and certainly not savvy, fashionable women. I can't think of a single ensemble that would work with these. Maybe it's because I went to Catholic school, and can't shake the memory of my childhood saddle shoes. Or maybe it's just because I have functioning eyeballs and can plainly see these are terrible.

Anywhoodles, apologies to anyone who might be digging the Brogue trend. But I won't be partaking in this fashion frenzy this season. Blech. I'd love to know what you think! xo

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fashionable Thanks

Happy belated Thanksgiving! The turkey of a holiday was two days ago, and now I feel even more sloppy and gluttonous for waiting so long to put my thanks on paper. Last week was quite hectic, so I'm citing a cramped schedule as a valid reason for the long posting pause. Anywhoodles, here's what this novice blogger is thanking her lucky stars for this year, in no particular order:

1. Obligatory family thanks:
Personal photo
I'm thankful for my ten "Boylan" cousins, who all still keep in touch on the reg. and actually like hanging out. Love you!

2. Boyfriend thanks:
See the resemblance?
In attempt to avoid embarrassing my shy guy with a solo shot, I've added a photo of his FAAAVORITE THIIIING!!! As we round the 4-year mark, I realize more each day how blessed I am to have found him. Even if I *am* forced to put my life on hold every four years for the World Cup. Love you, too! :)

3. Revlon thanks:
Revlon's latest lippie will--not exaggerating--change your life. Believe the blog hype, beauty junkies! Amazing color range, buildable pigmentation and ultra-moisturizing, balm-like gel texture will save your pout this winter. KC must-have.

4. Kors thanks:
I've been drooling over this particular MK bracelet for months. Right now, no-can-afford. But I'm still thankful that visionaries like Michael Kors exist in this world to give broke, freelancing fashionistas like me plenty of inspirational eye candy!

5. Sale thanks:

Yes, please!
As we enter the holiday season, I'm becoming even more thankful for Old Navy, New York & Co. and Macy's for offering steals to shoppers who aren't willing to stand in line at 9PM Thanksgiving night. Among many others, these retailers are running amazing clearances and coupons straight through the new year. Stock up on great gifts, and still have plenty of room in the budget for a few stylish splurges for yourself! :)

Obviously, we all have hecka blessings, no matter how bad our days might seem. We just need to be willing to peer through the clouds to see how lucky we are. What are *you* thankful for this year, fashion, beauty or otherwise? And nevermind that Thanksgiving happened 2 days ago! xo

Friday, November 18, 2011

ALERT! Do Not Miss This Amazing Sale!

You guys. I almost died when I opened up my e-mail this morning to find THIS:

"Can't wait for our Black Friday blowout?
You don't have to!


for our best customers!

In store only: 5-HOUR DOORBUSTERS!

    •  SATURDAY ONLY, 11/19
       12 PM – 5 PM
75% Off Adult Outerwear!*
    •  SUNDAY ONLY, 11/20
       12 PM – 5 PM
75% Off Adult Sweaters!*

It's all leading up to the BIGGEST SALE of the

Do not adjust your monitors. This is not an early (or late) April Fool's gag. ZOMGZOMG! I'm buying so many puffy coats, I'll be able to sail around the world on a floatation device made entirely out of Old Navy Frost-Free jackets.

And because I was so generous to share this deal with you all, please don't beat me there at noon and buy-out all of these:

Want this. In black!

And this. In teal!

OMG I'm a sucker for in-yo'-face HOT pink. Need.

I can't miss a 75 percent off sale....especially on items I've had my eye on all fall anyway. Oh, did I mention this deal is totally compatible with any Old Navy Cash you might have lying around? I'm definitely getting, like, 200 things for one dollar. Eeee! Happy shopping! xo


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not a Country Music Fan?

Neither am I (necessarily, save for maybe Rascal Flatts' cover of Bless this Broken Road, which I WILL somehow incorporate into my [fake, imaginary, most-likely-never-happening] wedding.)
I'd never get teary over a stupid country song. Clearly, I just chopped 100 juicy onions while simultaneously traipsing through a breezy field of pollen spores and freshly-bloomed cherry blossom trees. God! Darn song.

I digress. This post is about the glitterific fashion that sashayed down the red carpet before Wednesday night's 45th Annual Country Music Awards, so let's get to my Best Dressed, shall we?

KC's Personal Favorite:

Faith Hill in Chado Ralph Rucci

Mrs. Tim McGraw looked elegant, sophisticated and downright angelic in this 3/4-sleeved number. Love the crew neck. Love the sleeves. Love the sheer cutouts on the back. And I'm not just saying that because I played Cry on repeat for 18 straight months in 2005/6 while attempting to recover from an intensely bitter and painful breakup in college...

Ah, who am I trying to fool? I love country music, OK?!? SUE ME! Anywhoodles...

KC's Worst Dressed: It's a TIE!
Sandra Lee in a designer who'll soon be looking for a job...
Just when I didn't think I could possibly hate strapless gowns any more than I already did, Ms. Tablescape wears one that manages to put another nail of hate into the coffin in my head consisting of all the strapless gowns in the world. Nothing personal, Sandy, but next year, try to save Cocktail Time until after you're fully dressed, if you know what I mean... 
Shawna Thompson?
I have no clue who this B is. What I *do* know is that she should have probably remembered to wear a top to the CMAs. Shame...

I left out a few "honorable mentions" because Blogger is giving me a hard time uploading photos tonight, for some reason. Kimberly Williams-Paisley was ravishing in red, while Carrie Underwood (the night's hostess with the mostest) was a champ in her record 10+ wardrobe changes. 

What did you think of the CMAs this year? Do you totally disagree with my picks? Share, below! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go bliss out to my Garth Brooks Pandora station. Totally kidding. Maybe.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Moment of Weakness...

First, behold the supple, buttery soft leather of this Aurdrey Brooke bag from DSW:
Like BUTTAH, I tell you!
The back-story: I had $20 off any purchase of $49 at Le Designer Shoe Warehouse (which happens to be an ahh-mazing coupie!) and couldn't, in my right conscience, let it expire. Happily, I was in the market for a pair of go-with-everything black suede booties with the perfect heel, and went to work bargain-hunting.

To make a long story short, I found my booties. And this bag. I bought both. Here they are, posing for Mama's camera:
I am a single, childless, petless woman and I treat my favorite shoes and accessories like my babies. It's fine. Totally normal.
My message is this: if you have a similar tissue paper resolve when it comes to shopping (especially in the luxe, luscious season that is fall,) enter NO STORES carrying a loaded $20 off coupon.

But man, if you could feel this bag... Squee!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Fashion-Ween!

Lame title. Quick post. Things have been pretty quiet around here, and I feel bad about that. This time of year is always busy for my family, with Halloween coming right on the heels of my mother's Mischief Night birth date. To boot, freelance work kicked into high gear this week (thankfully) and this here blog became woefully neglected. Boo.

Anywhoodles, since I have a metric crap-load (technical term) of web content to churn out before noon tomorrow, I wanted to at least pop in with a photo of what I wore to Mom's fancy-schmancy birthday dinner at Fleming's.

Thanks, Pete, for serving as my official paparazzi.

If the whole Phys. Ed. teacher thing falls through, consider Fashion Photographer as a possible life path!

Can we say OBSESSED with this blue frock? Yes, I think we can. Please, for the love of all that is fabulous, get thee to the nearest Old Navy and scoop up a few of these amazing little solid satin dresses before they're gone. I grabbed blue and black (natch) and have decided that I will wear only these two articles of clothing until Spring thaw. L.O.V.E.

My suede platform penny loafers came from Victoria's Secret in 2007. And guess what? Menswear-inspired footwear is back in a BIG way, and now my tired old loafers look like new again! Woo!

What do you think of this old-new look? Have you found a fabulous fall frock that you want to wear forever? xo

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Fantasy: The Givenchy Panther-Head Necklace

This nearly-$1800 bauble is something straight out of my wildest fashion dreams. It's so elusive, Google doesn't even have a stock photo! The closest I could find was this similar double-panther-head necklace from the same Givenchy Fall 2011 ready-to-wear show:

Now, the version I spotted in November's ALLURE was similar, only it boasted a single panther head (instead of two) and a bolder, wider chain link. I audibly gasped after a page turn revealed this piece of serious fashion fierceness.

I adored statement necklaces loooong before they became a universal wardrobe staple. In high school when everyone rocked the Tiffany Bean on a delicate silver strand, I scoured the Ocean City boardwalk for the biggest, chunkiest, loudest piece I could get my well-manicured hands on. In fact, I had a friend who coined my taste in costume jewelry as "huge and hideous." I liked it that way. Still do, to a large extent, which is probably why my eye is so drawn to this Givenchy work of art.

I'll concede this particular piece certainly isn't for the fashion-faint-of-heart, but I'd love to know what you think! xo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Beauty Bucket List

It's been a bad week, which is sad, because I feel like I have a bad mood cloud hovering over my head during my favorite time of year. Freelance work has been light, and in my spare time I'm left to contemplate why my peers (and now people much younger than me) have moved leaps and bounds past where I currently sit (stagnate?) in life.

You would too if you were 25 and taking a class at BCC.

Anywhoodles, thanks to my extra hours of nothingness this week, I managed to catch one episode of Oprah's Life Class on OWN. Go ahead and judge, I'm a shameless Oprah fan (have been since undergrad at UMD) and you know what they say about sticks and stones...

The episode was about "fueling your passion" and featured some of Big O's fave guests over the years who managed to turn their true passions into major moneymakers. Anastasia Soare was one of those guests. The Hollywood brow expert (and Oprah's personal brow shaper) immigrated from Romania and since 1997 has been the go-to guru for all things arches.

The (wo)man. The Myth. The Legend. Anastasia Soare.
The segment got my wheels turning about several things. First, maybe my (our?) future isn't so grim after all, and that maybe (just maybe?) I'll eventually find a field that fits (and fuels my passion, as per Lady O's sage advice.) Secondly, it inspired me to jot down a few things on my long-standing Beauty Bucket List, which has been bouncing around in my head ever since my dear mother lit a voracious beauty fire deep within my soul with the simple purchase of my first Blistex Lip Tone in the checkout line at Talk of The Town. I was 11.

If you're still reading, you might be interested in a few highlights from my aforementioned list, so here they are:

1. Visit Anastasia herself for a professional brow shaping. No, not one of her cheesy little pop-up shops at my local Nordstrom. I just know the cross-country trip will be worth it.

2. Pull a Kim Kardashian and laser my whole, hairy self. KK's Armenian. I'm Italian (and Irish,) but unfortunately, inherited the oh-so-charming black body hair of my Italian ancestors. Waxing gets exhausting, and I'd love to never have to spend another minute on tedious hair-removal. One day. On the plus side, my Irish mother gifted me her emerald green peepers, so I guess it's a fair trade-off. Sort of.

3. Have my face laser-resurfaced. Sure, it's painful and costly, but it would be a small price to pay for the baby-soft cheeks I've never had thanks to a life-long struggle with problem skin (complete with a 6-month, unsuccessful tryst with Accutane.) Me no likey.

Oh, I have so. many. more entries on my Beauty Bucket List, but off the top of my head, these are the longest-standing items. I'm determined to make them happen!! I'd love to know -- do you have a Bucket List for something obscure? Confession: I also have a Fashion Bucket List that may or may not include a giant Birkin Bag. Share! xo

Fall Trees

The "school" I currently attend once a week is nestled deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. No matter how depressed or embarrassed I feel about taking a community college course years after earning my Bachelor's degree early from a top-notch public university, the sight of the gorgeous changing leaves on the trees lining the only road to "school" always makes me :) .

Because I'm not skilled enough to take a photo behind the wheel, how about a stock shot? Currently, my drive looks something like this:


The past few Mondays have been brisk and impossibly sunny, basically the most perfect fall days. The weather's made my near-hour drive borderline-enjoyable. And since fall's my favorite, and the trees are one of the only things motivating me these days, how about a few more pretty pictures?

Pretty Little Trees
Meanwhile, I have tons of class-related stuff to share, including a rather lengthy project examining the history (and projected future) of Nordstrom, and even a potential NYC field trip on Nov. 21 to visit the execs at Macy's Merchandising Group (MMG) and take a peek inside the Pantone Color Library. Squee! Stay tuned. xo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Would Never Wear Em' -- But Gotta Share Em'

I'm talking about the amazingly artful Nicholas Kirkwood Spring 2012 shoe collection. *So* not my personal taste, but I caught myself drooling over sneak-peek photos the other day, and just had to share the beauty:

All that pastel screams SPRING, no?


Holographic. Snakeskin. OMG.    

See what I mean? Even if these aren't your style, any fashionista worth her weight in lip gloss can surely appreciate the amazingness. And who knows? If I had a spare $900 just taking up space in my diamond-encrusted Louis Vuitton wallet, I might pick up a pair or two come spring.

Interested in checking out more photos? Go here or here. xo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

To Splurge or Not To Splurge? My Tory Burch Dilemma...

This post is difficult for me to write. Please excuse this proud bargainista for a moment and allow me to collect my thoughts and emotions while I actually consider dropping nearly $200 on a pair of leather flats....


Ahem. Thank you.


The Siren Song of these black-on-black Tory Burch Reva flats has been getting louder and louder over the past several weeks, and I'm not sure what to do about it. As we enter the lush, glamorous fashion season that is fall, I can't seem to stop thinking about these babies. Help?

When I get a bad fashion craving (and I swear what I feel is a true craving, not unlike the unrelenting pangs a pregnant woman or prescription pill addict must feel,) my sweet, supportive boyfriend often says something like, "Baby, you should get that bag/those shoes/that nail polish. You've earned that money and you scrimp and sacrifice in so many other areas."  He's right.

Ugh. Seriously, he is.

But this time, I'm trying to save, behave and resist! Right now, *no can afford.* Maybe I'll try meditation and deep breathing. Or maybe I'll just have to write, "I will not spend $200 on flats" on the dry erase board at BCC 100 times, Bart Simpson-style, until the craving subsides.

A little over one month into blogging, and already two Simpsons references? Weird.

Fellow shopaholics, what do you do when you get a nagging case of the fashion or beauty "gimmes?" Splurge, sleep on it or surrender? xo

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dancing, Drinks and What I Wore

It recently occurred to me that, for a blogger who has so much to say about other people's style, I've actually posted precious little of my own carefully-selected wardrobe. Fashion blogger fail.

Right? Let's remedy that.

True, I spend most days behind a computer screen, squinting at the day's assignments and reading the news through my Coke-bottles, while simultaneously donning yoga pants and a years-old sorority t-shirt. But that doesn't mean I don't know how to pull together a killa ensemble, especially when a special occasion warrants it.

On Saturday, my family celebrated an uncle's 50th birthday with a lavish bash at a local country club. Most gals grabbed their standby LBD and called it a party. I decided to go the skirt-and-blouse route. I knew I wanted to blog about my outfit, but *I iz stoopid* and didn't get a great photo. Boo. Here's the best I could do:

It's a rare (RARE) occasion that we're both dressed in real clothes. And yes, I desperately need a haircut.
Savvy Style on a Shoestring Salary: It can be done! Below, behold the bargain breakdown:

Black pencil skirt: $15 from Forever 21 (Plus another $18 in alterations)
Silky, sleeveless rosette blouse: $8 from BJ's Wholesale. I'm not joking. In fact, I feel like I should probably be embarrassed about this. I'm not.
Fierce rhinestone statement necklace: $12 OOP (out of pocket) after sales and gift cards at Jewelbilee
Serious black party pumps: $20 from Kohl's Simply Vera line. Originally $70.
NOT PICTURED: Cropped black blazer: $4 on clearance at Target 

For a measly $77, I think I cleaned up well. Let this be a lesson to every fashionista looking for fab style on a frugal budget. Have any great money-saving shopping tips? Please, share with the class, below! And happy bargain hunting! xo

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bolster Your Self Esteem in Three Simple Steps

1. Graduate early from a top-notch public university
2. Work for a tyrannical boss for a few years, then for yourself for a few more
3. Enroll in community college and show off those hard-earned skills!

In that precise order.

I've struggled with my sense of self-worth and self-value for as long as I can recall being aware of such sentiments. I've always felt like a bogus, out-of-place sore thumb, which is probably why I've become Teflon for careers, hobbies, you name it. Nothing really ever sticks. I can honestly say that throughout my academic and subsequent professional life, I've felt like everyone around me speaks a secret language and no one's willing to let me into the club.

Until I begun fashion class at BCC. Our professor asks us to read a few things in front of the class and BAM! I'm a literate, articulate, sophisticated goddess among women.

I wish I were exaggerating. Today, I presented a paper about why I adore Kate Middleton's style, and after class, I quickly realized I had groupies begging me to share my secrets to thoughtful writing success.

Wow. I spoke about dresses and nude pumps -- I didn't write The Odyssey. Needless to say, today's class wound up being a cold, hard lesson in OMGIDONOTBELONGHERE.

If you have any ideas how I can somehow incorporate my love of (and quasi-talent for) writing with my eye for style (without moving to NYC and becoming a writer lackey at a big fashion publication, which wouldn't necessarily be a stable gig anyhow,) please enlighten me.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Airhead or Intellectual?

Since beginning class in the beginning of September, something's been nagging at me and I need to air it out. Forgive me if I veer slightly off topic for a moment, I promise we'll return to regularly-scheduled blogging shortly.

Before my rant, let's get a few things straight. I'm a bright girl. I graduated *early* from a top-tier university with a nearly-perfect grade point average. Sure, my degree is in Pubic Relations and not Physics or Biochemistry. I don't have my CPA and I sure as hell can't understand things like tax brackets. I barely understand my annual NCAA basketball bracket! But I have an uncanny knack for connecting with people and communicating, and I think I'm pretty handy with the spoken and written word. That's why we have chocolate and vanilla.
That's me in my graduation garb. Notice the cold-weather duds on my friends and family. It was December. FIVE MONTHS before my peers earned their own caps and gowns.

I thought I'd long come to terms with the fact that, I'm just a more creative type, and that I'd eventually wind up in a Communication department somewhere churning out clever, readable content and chatting on the phone with clients.

Until I enrolled  -- post-Bachelor's degree -- at BCC.

It turns out, compared to the really creative types (I'm talking about woo-woo wannabe fashion designers whose homemade tote bags are brimming with fabric swatches, sequins and something apparently called "rubber cement,") I'm actually pretty academic.

Take, for example, our recent "history of fashion" assignment, which tasked us to create presentation boards examining silhouettes of decades past, and forecasting which trends we might see again soon. I actually thought it was a fun assignment. I came to class over prepared, poised, and gave one heck of a presentation. As a 25 year old with actual, professional experience speaking to actual, professional people, my (biased) view was that I stood head and shoulders above the 19 year olds who stood, shoulders slumped over, mumbling inaudibly from a crumpled up index card.

I received an A- (MINUS!!!) on the project. According to my professor, my content was spot-on, my knowledge was well-rounded and my speaking abilities were top-notch. But she *had* to give me an A- because there was visible scotch tape on my boards, and I failed to attach my photos with this thing called "rubber cement." I also apparently should have used more color.

I'm fine with my grade, but I'm tripping over the fact that the girl whose project looked like an explosion of feathers and Elmer's glue scored higher than me. Sad face.

I'm realizing that in a super creative course like this one, I'm the least of the creative folks. My classmates think I have a stick wedged permanently up my ass because I stupidly expect them to (gasp!) respect my time and listen to instruction.They'd rather call out, doodle fashion designs or flip through Vogue.

So, here's my issue -- and I'm wondering if anyone else has felt this way: Am I an airhead or an intellectual? I sure feel like the former when I'm with the "in-laws" (who happen to consist of oh-so-very left-brained accountants and union workers.) But I feel like Albert Einstein discovering the Theory of Relativity when I'm in class with my too-far-gone right-brained fellow students.

This little conundrum is making it particularly difficult to choose my next direction. Do I go on to earn a Master's degree in something intellectual like Marketing or Merchandising? Or do I stick with my puny little Bachelor's and continue to pursue creative and freelance writing? I guess that's why I'm "getting my feet wet" with a cost-effective course at community college.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things I'm Loving Right Now

It's officially fall, and in an attempt to procrastinate just a little longer on Monday's schoolwork (as well as a few paying gigs,) I wanted to post a few fashion and beauty-related items I'm currently digging this season.

First up, Slatkin Apple Crumble Candle:
Apple Crumble from

OMG this scent is is pure, crisp Granny Smiths, spicy cinnamon and cool, fall air. It's technically a "gourmand" candle, but I don't get a hint of that heavy, sugary, bakery fragrance. It's amazing. If you're a fellow fall-lover like moi, burn it for insta-happiness.

Next, Slatkin Spiced Cider Wallflower Plug-In
Mmmm! Also from

I succumbed to my seemingly ever-present "sale goggles" on these, and I'm so happy I did! The Spiced Cider fragrance is another warm, apple-cinnamon scent, and I couldn't resist the oh-so-adorable spider web motif. When you work from home in your pajamas most days, a little fun fragrance coming from the nearest outlet is a surefire pick-me-up.

Last beauty item, Revlon ColorBurst Lipglosses


I recently snagged five of these for under $14 at CVS. They retail for just under eight dollars a pop. One day soon, I'll share some of my bargain-hunting secrets, so stay tuned! I grabbed shades ranging from whisper light pink to fall-inspired bronzey-berry and love each one equally. Color, shine, moisture and a super unique bendy sponge applicator make this one an affordable winner!

First fashion obsession, Sienna Pumps from JC Penny:


IMHO, a quality animal print pump is a wardrobe staple. I waited and waited for this $50 pair from JCP to go on sale. Then I waited again for my coupons to mature. Then they were mine for $16!

And these Target Fab Feet to make them wearable:

These, in leopard.

I waited so long to bring my Sienna pumps home, that the only pair left in my size in the state of New Jersey was the display pair from a questionable mall in a seedy part of Burlington County. I bought them anyway, and compensated for any previous wear and tear with these amazing $5 toe petals -- in matching leopard, of course!

Lastly, this chunky knit from H&M that I don't yet own:
Love. From

This amazingly cozy turtleneck/sweater dress hybrid is exactly what I need to keep me warm and fashionable this fall. Available in several chic hues (from basic black to cuddly oatmeal,) it'll look equally great with leggings and slippers as it will with tights and boots. NEED.

Anything you're absolutely loving so far this fall? Fashion, beauty or otherwise? Ahhhh, I feel like my shopping wishlist just keeps growing! xo