Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Why Fall?......

When Pete's a teacher?!"

Hehehe. Pete.
Did you know about this unspoken law that requires teachers to wed in summer? I didn't. Must have been absent that day... or at least absent minded, thinking about how nice a fall wedding might be...

We chose November because we wanted to. It's the NJ State Teacher Convention, which means Pete already has off Thursday and Friday. And everyone knows NJ public school teachers barely work in November anyways. But snark aside, take a look at our real reasons for tying a November knot...

1. Have you ever sweat profusely in formal attire?
Pete and I both have, as both our BFFs are -- you guessed it -- TEACHERS who chose to get hitched in June and July, respectively. We have first-hand experience taking outdoor photos in blistering heat and humidity. 'Twas miserable.

2. Do you have a favorite season?
I do. It's fall. Not summer. Do I need any more justification?

3. Do you have a choosy groom?
I don't I'm lucky. I know. Pete let me single-handedly choose our date. Maybe if he was marrying a teacher, he get married in July and that would be OK with him, too.

So there. We'll be married on a crisp, cool, late night in late fall with dry armpits -- although hopefully not dry eyes-- and return to work (and school) Monday morning. Boom.

How did you choose your date? Have people asked you why? xo

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Confession Time!

My future husband is not my first -- or only -- true love. THIS guy is:

Dreamy Nick Lachey
And since this face was hanging in my childhood bedroom until about (confession number two) a year ago, I feel it's only appropriate to somehow pay homage to 98º at my our wedding, yes?

Here's my thought -- and let me know if this is totally lame or totally cute. Anniversary dance at my our reception to THIS:

I Do (Cherish You) circa 1999

Now, do me a solid and call Pete to tell him what an adorable and brilliant idea this is. He's not quite on board yet. He's getting there, though. :)

Do you like anniversary dances? I used to think they were cheesy until I needed a reason to play 98º and now I'm into them. Would YOU appreciate hearing a boy band at a wedding reception? I know I would! xo

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Who's Your Celebrity Doppelgänger?

Home-buying and wedding-planning is all a little heavy, so I need to take a bloggy break and focus on some fluff. You don't mind, do you? Thanks.

Saw this post on the Weddingbee boards recently and it made me think about Pete and all his famous (and famously-handsome!) lookalikes!

Do strangers stop you on the street to say, "OMG you look so much like FILLINTHEBLANK!"? If so, who? Who would play your significant other or BFF in a movie? Who'd play you? Here's who'd play Pete:

Dan from Gossip Girl (whose name escapes me, but he'll always be Dan from Gossip Girl, no?):

Or Brad Piasley (sans cowboy hat -- and, sadly, sans guitar):

But Pete would probably prefer I say Landon Donovan. If you don't know who Landon Donovan is, I envy you and your blissfully soccer-free lifestyle. He's a super-mega-Olympic-MLS soccer star. He also has a receding hairline, so I HOPE he doesn't look like Pete! Haha. Behold:

 Good body, though. :)

And of course, here's who'd play moi:
Come on. Did you even have to ask?
Happy Easter!!! xo

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Food Wars!!!

It's so true -- times of high stress can really highlight the cracks in a relationship. Pete and I are in the midst of purchasing our first home, and the one minor fray in the otherwise strong fabric of our union has become MUCH more fragile as we prepare to live together for the first time...

We're in the midst of a war... a FOOD WAR!!!

Co-purchasing a home is so exciting, and we're a great team when it comes to MOST chores, so I know I shouldn't complain about the one thing we DO argue about. But the thought of planning and preparing meals that we'll both eat and enjoy has my stomach in knots.

I'm hyper-healthy with a sensitive stomach (I'd be glad to eat steamed veggies and whole-wheat pasta every.single.night.) And Pete's junkie, hydrogenated-oil-filled preferences make me gag. He's also SO picky, his own PCP recently diagnosed him underweight and prescribed "MORE CALORIES PLEASE!"
One woman's lunch is another man's "gag."
Another thing... Pete can't cook. And trying to teach him frustrates the bejesus out of me. Not that I'm Bobby Flay, but I imagine I'll be the sole meal planner-preparer. Unless I want to eat boxed mac n' cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or Pop Tarts. He's pretty good at making Pop Tarts. And Pete's teacher schedule allows him WAY more time at home than my 9-to-5... so there's that. HE should be the one to take the reigns on the home front, no? But he can't since I hate the food he "makes."

Breakfast is served! Yum??
Ugh.. welcome to our FOOD WAR!!! Marrieds (or "living-togethers") -- how did/do you manage night-and-day meal preferences? Who does more cooking in your home? Any light (and I mean any!) you could shed may save Pete and I from the brink of #divorce! Help?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello, World!

My plan is to completely ignore my long silence and immediately launch into everything that's been keeping me from blogging recently. K? K.

Long story short -- I hated my last gig. I love my new one. #HappyDance
This should totally go on my new desk.

Long story short -- Pete and I have not moved in yet. We're not leaving Cinnaminson. We have four (4!) bathrooms. #HappyPARADE
Our actual home. In all its beige-and-blue awesomeness.
Long story short -- I found my wedding dress! And it's wasn't painful! And my sis and mom accompanied me and I didn't want to kill them. Win-win-win.
My dress TOTALLY looks like this. ON OPPOSITE DAY!
My sissy is engaged, too! I'm her MOH and have been busy researching her May 2014 par-tay as well. #BarneyBags. 
Can YOU guess sissy's color palate?
Too. Many. CHANGES! All good, though. Oh -- that reminds me, I'm supposed to design/order our Save the Dates this morning. #MoneyHemorrhage.

Have you ever been through so many life changes in so few weeks? My head is spinning... with excitement!! xo

Monday, December 31, 2012

So THIS Thing's Back in Stock...

Vintage Pear Swarovski Crystal Hair Pin...
Of course, the Etsy designer who makes it gets some pear-shaped pins back in stock JUST when I'm literally, completely tapped out of wedding funds. Between the holidays, several winter neph birthdays, wedding crap (did some b-maid gift buying after Christmas) and bi-annual car insurance (which always comes due in December because I'm a dummy,) I've never seen my credit card balance so high, and Pete and I are in the midst of a house hunt, which adds lots of lovely financial pressure...

My hairstylist cousin (who'll craft my look on Nov. 8) says I should just GET IT NOW! But at around $75 after shipping, I'm hesitant.

What should I do? I think I may NEED this thing to walk down the aisle. It's calling my name. And I KNOW I won't find anything more perfect. The designer's made only 4... so I need to decide quick... ugh.

In other news, crap generally sucks around here, and with luck we'll make a big move soon! Happy 2013 aka THE YEAR WE GET MARRIED!! xo

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I don't even drink, but I just found THIS and instantly decided I NEED it at my shower:

Mimosa Bar
Three different types of fruit, four different juices.... and alongside the bubbly, we can have seltzer water for us virgin-types!

Did you have a brunch shower? Do you think this is a great idea, or a recipe for a berry-stained tablecloth and spills??